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19 July 2008


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Thanks for posting this. I'm glad ASPCA is on it, though it's a day late and little short.

If anyone gets a response OTHER than the one Verizon has sent out to the zillions of us complaining, please post it. They're blowing this off just as Nike did a few years ago with their dogfighting ad. They don't regard us as the demographic for this ad, and I doubt they care about our anger. It's all about Marketing...

"Good afternoon. I apologize for the frustrations regarding our recent commercial.

Thank you for your comments. We value your feedback and appreciate your taking the time to share it with us. We regret that you found our commercial disturbing or distasteful in any way. It was certainly not our intent to reflect a negative image with our advertisement. We will quickly forward your concern to our Marketing Department for review. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Emily, we hope we can restore your confidence in Verizon Wireless and prove we are worthy of your continued business. We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to continue as your wireless service provider. Thank you for using Verizon Wireless products and services"

This is about as sincere as the one Chase bank sent me telling me how much they valued my business.... AFTER they had already cancelled my account.


Alltel has one that's been bothering me, too. This one features a Doberman:


nancy freedman-smith

I was just about to blog the petition...



Not in any way to let Verizon off the hook, but it disappoints me that the trainers/owners of these dogs would allow them to be depicted so negatively for a little cash.

Paula J.

FYI, I just tried to send emails to these folks and they were returned -- twice. They were rejected by the Verizon server ...

Perhaps they've been receiving a lot of emails? One can only hope.

Christie Keith

Paula, did all of them come back or just some?


This is just ignorant. Red Bull - gives you wings - had an ad that they pulled that showed their character shoot a bit with a sling shot with it pooped on him. Don't they know that it's good luck when a bird poops on you? Vz should be ashamed.

Saint Lover

Just one more reason I am glad I have AT&T and will be keeping it!


I sent my emails. Three were returned.


Hi - let the ad purchasers know too. TBS is airing it. I've had no response with this email address but it's worth a try:

[email protected] (it's for all Turner stations)


Dr Patty Khuly

My email didn't go through, either:

Ms. Walden: I am not a rabid animal rights activist. I am a veterinarian in Miami who likes to think she can protect animals from time to time. I'm writing you this note because of the ad your company produced--you know the one.

I actually think it's a great ad--funny, edgy, smart. Problem is, it also perpetuates the myth of machismo and gangsterism and their association with pit bulls.

As you probably know, pit bulls and aggressive-looking dogs in general suffer the ignominy of a relationship with ruthless criminality--one your ad plays on perfectly, to the detriment of the dogs who would be condemned for it. In my area they're euthanized, regardless of their temperament, largely because of references akin to your junkyard dog ad's.

Please don't contribute to this unfair misperception of animals. Let your colleagues know that some of us out here are working hard to change how pit bulls are treated in society. We would appreciate your coming around to our way of seeing things with a nix on this ad.


Dr. Patty Khuly



I don't find it offensive. It's not a slur against pit bulls, it's just a play on the "junk yard dog".


Dr K, that's a great great letter. I really hope someone in power reads it and takes it to heart.

My notion of reparations: just change the ending of the ad. One of the 2 mean looking dogs grabs the phone as the guy approaches. The guy and the dog look at each other. The guy takes the phone from the dog, who wags. Ad ends with dog slurping guy's face as he makes a phone call. "Can you hear me now"?


oops...I meant the ad space sellers like Turner, not purchasers, duh.

[email protected] for all Turner stations


I have read on an e-mail list - someone claiming a family member works for Verizon, the protest calls have been overwhelming, and that Verizon has pulled the ad. No verification that I'm aware of but I do hope it turns out to be accurate.


Comment by Dave — July 20, 2008 @ 7:34 am

"I don’t find it offensive. It’s not a slur against pit bulls, it’s just a play on the junk yard dog'."

Dave - do you find it offensive when dogs are killed for no other reason than the breed that they happen to be?


Slt- when did you read about the ad being pulled? I saw it last evening on TBS around 6:30. I hope they pull it soon.


We need to let LG know that this is offensive. After all Verizon is using their phone in the ad. LG makes many appliances as well


Comment by Carrie — July 20, 2008 @ 9:25 am

I just checked the time stamp on the post:

Sat Jul 19, 2008 7:40 pm (PDT)

Again, just one person's unconfirmed post - but at least it wasn't a FWD! ; )


I hope Verizon does pull this ad.

"Junk yard" dogs generally have a function- to guard the area of the "junk" yard, automobile parts area, impounded vehicles, etc.

Does anyone else here see a problem with teaching children that it is OK to taunt animals (when they are performing their guard function)?

If children think it's OK to taunt dogs or enter a guarded area, there could be some really bad consequences.

Just an observation...

loretta johnson

I am absolutely disgusted ! Disgust doesn't even begin to express my anger in this matter !

PIT BULLS to me is a stereotype ! I have an american staffordshire terrior ... he's deaf ... and he suffered a battle of separation anxiety too ... but we managed ....

Today .. I have a beautiful baby boy ... his name is CEASER ! GET IT VERIZON !!!!!! He is a being ... I will cancel my service as well ...

anyone who stereotypes my baby ... hell if they're getting my money ....

Lets stereotype VERIZON !!!!!


Please write a letter to

Ivan Seidenberg

Chairman and CEO


140 West Street

New York, NY 10007

Paula J.

I did get a reply different from the one above. Oddly enough, the vp of media relations for the wireline side is someone I knew professionally years ago in Texas. And his wife and I worked together (all of us in p.r.). So it's a "small world" thing, I suppose.

Here is an excerpt of what I received: "I’m relaying all of them to Brenda Raney, executive director of media relations for Verizon Wireless who is making sure the team that handles marketing and advertising receives input from the public. She’s at [email protected]. Fortunately, you included her on your original note Paula.

It was absolutely not the wireless unit’s intent to reflect a negative image with its advertisement, and I can assure Verizon Wireless meant no purposed slander of American Pit Bull Terriers in its commercial. Your uplifting notes in terms of future ad ideas, I believe, hit the spot.

I appreciate you taking time to write, and your comments are in the right hands over at Verizon Wireless."

Now, given that I've written my share of these kinds of letters in my professional life, it might be so much b.s. Or not. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Thanks, Christie, for bringing this up.



Paula, this line: "it was absolutely not the wireless unit’s intent to reflect a negative image with its advertisement, and I can assure Verizon Wireless meant no purposed slander of American Pit Bull Terriers in its commercial." was in letters that some others already got. Your correspondent just personalized the company boilerplate because he knows you. But perhaps your letter is indeed "in the right hands" of someone who will actually pull the ad. As of today, people are still seeing it.



You can read what they think about us...

Verizon LOVES this controversy. Is there anyone who thinks they didn't know the ad would stir things up?

Gina Spadafori

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that apology. Verizon LOVES the attention they got, even the negative.

And by the way: "U" is spelled "you," and "ghetto pigs" is racist.

You're not doing your dogs any favors with your bigoted, illiterate behavior.

Lenny  Suzie the Pit Bull

I am waiting for a public apology on that piece of excrement u call advertising. In conjunction, I expect a LARGE, 6 figure donation to American pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Stafford shire Terrier, & Bull Terrier rescue organizations. I will be waiting, as I am preparing to to take 20 fellow area co-workers Bberry service to ATT and T-mobile. After the Michael Vick story, HOW, in the name of sanity, could u even consider airing this? Are u THAT stupid? There are obviously a few Verizon board members who have a skewed view of the breed. U are no better than the ghetto pigs who maul these great animals in their savage sport, because u have the power and resources to influence public thinking, even as u demonstrate your own lack of the same. My American Staffordshire Terrier is a therapy dog who has visited children's hospitals to brighten the day of those whose day is not as bright as the rest of ours. Perhaps the slime who came up the ad and the same slime who decided to air it ought to see the look on faces of the kids when I showed up with Suzie every few weeks. Perhaps the same people mentioned should see how she would cower in fear if someone raised their hand to her after what she went through being mistreated before I got her. Perhaps these people should BE FIRED, if for any reason their sheer stupidity

The damage is done, and I will not let it rest till the apology and donation are made. I will give it 30 days, then start switching service for the above mentioned.

Lenny Shiffrin & Suzie

Roslyn, NY


Rec'd an e-mail from the ASPCA Online Community this morning stating that "the offensive ad has been pulled in all markets".

Christie Keith

Verizon has confirmed it's removing this ad in all markets. I'll update with more info today.


Yeah, Verizon could be Denver

This is making my brain hurt this morning. I cannot believe how blood thirsty some of these people are.



While I in no way condone what Denver is contemplating or BSL, I understand this is the second time this dog has gotten out and been picked up by animal control. I still hope with all my heart that Forrest is released to his owner (or some other person that will love and cherish him) and I hope that this time his owner gets the message. Another pit-bull type dog falling victim to human stupidity.


Even if it is the second time the dog was picked up, and the owner is an idiot, the fact that there is no quarter given to pit bull type dogs in the city is and always has been ridiculous.

The fact that Denver will not even allow dogs to be transported to a pit bull sensible area to be adopted speaks volumes, it's just kill em all. Every one we can get our hands on.

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