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19 June 2008


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Well, as you know, I've had menopausal insomnia for the past 1.5 years now...so I went out and bought Estrotone today on the strength of your blog. Hope it works!



Let me know if it helps, Sharyn!


Let me know if it helps, Sharyn!


Of all the things we talked about, thyroid was the one thing we nevere mentioned, even though you know I have issues there. How weird. But I had some of the same issues before my diagnosis, except for the period thing. They just got heavier. But hot flashes, mood swings, sleep deprivation, oh yeah. And even after the removal, I still get the the sleep issues, but that's a sign that my levels are of and the meds need adjusting. Please don't stop trying to have those tests run.


Can you change doctors? If it was a vet and they weren't listening to you - another vet would be on the horizon.


and I'm one of the pushiest people I know so I'm sure in time I'll get the tests I want

Okay ... this is not cool! This post must come with a warning label -- I just spit water all over my laptop, laughing ;)


My mom wants this miracle pill, where can I get them for her? Health food stores? on line some place?


Yes Indeed!! Well I started taking estrotone about three yrs ago. After taking it all my systoms disappeared..and yes I stopped and really forgot about them. I was on synthroid for years and suddenly taken off after experiecing heart issues. Dr said I had too much in my system. Now the symptoms are back.
Man...I have been up for 5 nights now and I'm not too friendly at all. I was on lunesta and ambien but insurance states i can only get 45 every 75 days which mean they want me to stay up 3o days. Now this morning as I laid there I really tried to figure out what the hell is wrong. Last week I got a migraine so bad untill I couldnot function.,then I got cramps and diarreah and couldnot stand up so I was taken to emergence room where I was told I was hyperkalemia(too much potasium) they placed me on a heart monitor and gave me awful stuff to drink, did catscan and observed me overnite. I started drinking nighty night tea, had already gave up caffiene and am just irratible. I guess it was my Angel who whispered in my ear wheres your estrotone.. I got up at 5:15am and took two but I also called my pharmacy and had the ambein refilled at my exspense. I have not picked them up yet because I feel a little better already. My bones are not aching from lack of sleep. I really wanna take another one and am trying to debate if I should pick up the ambein just in case. I'm so tired. I have confidence in the estrotone and know it will eventually work because it did before. Just wanted to add my two cents and say THANK YOU LORD...I DID'NT HANG UP ON ANYONE TODAY..NOR DID I SNAP AT MY CHILD SO ESTROTONE IS WORKING. Also wanted to add for those who are getting hot flashes that when I first got the estrotone I was also sold some very tiny little pills in a little long canister like a lipstick tube. I was told they were snake villen and would stop the flashes...man they were like a MIRACLE but I can't remember the name. They taste good and you just eat 4-5 and when the flases stop you stop taking them. If I find the name I will post it but the container is blue and I took them everywhere I went so for those who are suffering please find them at your health store. Thanks for listening.....Sharron


I was debating to reorder Estrotone. I have been using it for almost a year. It worked great. Now for the last couple months I am back to haveing Hot flashes and not sleeping at night. So far no headaches. Weight still there. I tell you this part of life for women sucks. I was wondering if it just isn't working for me amymore. Is anyone else out there had this problem?

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