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14 June 2008


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I take odd days here and there, now and then. The last real vacation I took was in 2003.


::: pondering my LA tan lines :::

Really? Bummer ;)

Alana Krivo-Kaufman

Hey Christie- tried to reach you on email, but it didn't go through.

I hope the blogsphere's treating you well. *I am writing to gauge your interest in attending a weekend chock full of progressive faith bloggers.* Your experience blogging on BLOG would add greatly to an enriching exchange between peers.

The Progressive Faith Blog Con(ference) would be held the first weekend of August '08, organized by an ad-hoc committee of bloggers including including Expatriated Texan, CrossLeft, Institute for Progressive Christianity,, and the RACBlog, among others. We are hoping to build off of the previous conference by putting together a weekend of workshops, networking, panels, and speakers in D.C.. BUT first we need to know that there is sufficient interest. Given the need for a powerful progressive faith voice during this election year, we hope you will be able to join us.

Please reply as soon as possible to let me know, on a scale of 1-5, your likelihood of attending: 1 (no way), 2 (unlikely), 3 (possible), 4 (probable), 5 (definite). Quick stats on the event- held in D.C., 1-2 days, weekend of August 1-3rd, low cost, possible travel subsidies.

Also, if you have any feedback or insights from the last PFBC, questions, additional bloggers to contact or suggestions, feel free to send those along as well. I can be contacted at


Alana Krivo-Kaufman
Jewish Funds For Justice
JFSJ, Intern


I feel your pain, I had a trip planned to SF for three whole days and two of my four dogs came down with Parvo. Bad timing to say the least, the five month old is okay, not great, the 18mo old is doing fine. The other two unaffected. Doing a vaccine trial at my own home is not my idea of a fun weekend. Ugh- feels like I haven't had a day off since the third grade!! (I did not make that line up- but it is true!) Doubt it is a new strain- seems I screwed up as the pup only had her last vaccine at 15 weeks. Should have done one more- poor girls.

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