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22 June 2008


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Lost for Words

Be sure to link your HDP story here in the Pet Connection. I look forward to the story. Being deaf this one is important to me personally. Thanks.


I know this is old news but I just have to point out the arrogance in McHugh-Smiths comment. She wants people to have faith in SF SPCA, and states “we are a model for people to follow, of how to use best practices.” I'm sorry but you need to give people REAL REASONS to have faith in you, it is not a religious organization. Without doing so that statement simply does not follow, and tooting your own horn in such a way is just another expression of the same self-centered mindset as far as I'm concerned. Give us FACTS, not these self serving affirmations. What are the disease statistics that would warrant the new hospital, for example? Again, ANY thinking person would likely see that plenty of money has been spent on the IMAGE of the hospital, can you claim it is completely functional, so that the funds can be maximized for the ANIMAL POPULATION? You're not fooling anyone but the gullible, Ms. McHugh-Smith.


Clearly many people have a double standard with their own pets and other animals that have simply not been as fortunate. Frankly I think it is self evident to any thinking person that this attitude is one that caters to pet owners rather than the animals themselves, which is basically self centered rather than anything altruistic. It is indeed unfortunate that individuals with such mentalities should be in a position of power governing policies that affect so many animals lives - and in effect ending them.

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