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09 June 2008


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The only thing I can figure is, god must love stupid people, he made so fucking many of them. And they're bogarting my air.


You know, I sat here and stared at the CUNT picture. I couldn't understand it. My brain wouldn't accept it. If you are a strong woman, you are a cunt that others need to stand up against. If you are black and have an unfortunate middle name you are a conservative muslim.

This is going to sound surreal ridiculous, but when I saw Senator Obama in the muslim garb I was like, wait, hasn't anyone seen how lovely his wife and little girls dress? I know.

The person that wants his shirt ironed by Hillary. I am really good with an iron. I love to iron. I would be happy to iron his shirt, with him in it.


It is a good thing I haven't had my breakfast or I would have vomited all over my iBook.


Yes, I was too angry for words myself. :(

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