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17 June 2008


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I would vote for Al Gore in a heartbeat. How I wish he had been willing to put himself through the torture of running and getting elected President again. This time, he actually would have been sworn in...

Obama.. or McCain.. not so much

Gina Spadafori

It just blows me away that he would mention pets in an endorsement speech. Does he have pets? Must scurry off to find out ...

Nadine L.

Gore as (environmental) V.P.?


What bothered me about this was, it was CLINTON who always mentioned pet food not Obama. During debates and campaigning. Obama never seemed to go beyond lead toys and his answer to the recent problems was a bill he introduced about lead (from 2005 I think it was) Clinton actually has a proposal with teeth in it that would cover most if not all of the tainted crap and penalize companies accordingly. She even included Vet meds.


Well, I forwarded that statement of hers to him back at the time. Didn't get a direct response, but didn't necessarily expect one. And since he is now our (presumptive) nominee, I don't think getting bothered would be as productive as passing along these kinds of issues to him so that he'll hear it from plenty of people and understand it's important.


Okay - don't laugh - but here's another thing I did: At one point during the campaign, you could make a contribution to the Obama campaign and they were going to do a "drawing" where something like 4 or 5 people were going to get to have a dinner with Obama. So I made a contribution in hopes of "winning" a seat at this table where I would have brought up the rolling recalls and the larger implications they exposed. Didn't "win" a dinner seat, but at least I tried! LOL!


Who do you think Gore and Clinton will have more clout with--McCain or Obama?

Besides, Clinton will be of more use in the Senate, where her political skills, increasing seniority, and a Dem president in the White House will enable her to get things done. As President, she'd be hamstrung by the energized crowd of Clinton haters.

Eyes on the prize, folks--do you really think McCain will be better for food safety, for us or our pets, than Obama? Because those are the choices, even if your choice in the primaries was Clinton.


Gina, I don't know about now, but as I recall back when Gore was vice president the family had a couple of dogs.


Eucritta - I believe you are correct. But if were judging on that criteria, McCain would win cause he has dogs, cats, fish, and other critters.

But I'm not. As Liz points out, I have to look at which party believes in self regulation vs which party believes that a watchdog is necessary to keep company's honest.

Right now, the henhouse is run by the foxes, and look how well that's turned out.

I'm strongly in the second camp - after all if everyone did everything with 100% honesty, we wouldn't need police, judges, streetcleaners, border guards, cargo inspecters and the like. And I don't believe these jobs are going to disappear anytime soon.


Here's a page that appears to date from when he was VP that said he had a Black Lab named Shiloh and a Poodle named Coconut:

I've found some other references to Shiloh being ill - Lyme Disease, maybe?


TOPat, I tried that also! Clinton did a dinner one and a watch the debate with Bill. I didn't win those either. I will be happy to have her back in the Senate. I read in an article that she had taken a leadership position on reducing antibiotic use in livestock and a few other things in the food production area, so I'll be getting in touch with her on those issues. She seems fairly tuned into food production practices and also processed food/health issues. I'm going to start working on the CA folks also since I'll be moving back there. It's my 2-state strategy, lol!~


2CatMom - I was merely replying to Gina's query. I did not intend it to be taken as political commentary, and in fact am surprised it could be taken as such. For what it's worth, I've never voted Republican in my life, and have absolutely no intention of starting now.

The OTHER Pat - I gather from what few crumbs I've found via Google that both dogs were very old, and Shiloh was arthritic.

Gina Spadafori

Well, y'all know it's no surprise that Christie is co-chair (along with Terrierman) of Cranky Dog Bloggers for Obama. But really, this isn't a post about Obama.

Christie told me Gore had mentioned the pet-food recall in the speech, and you could have picked my jaw off the floor I was so stunned.

¡Si se puede!


Eucritta: Sorry about that - I didn't mean to ascribe any political position to you.

But how do I explain to my cats that I'm not voting for McCain even if he has the most pets?


Early last year; Clinton was the only one who mentioned the food safety and pet food recall. It doesn't surprise me that pet food safety has crept into the speeches of candidates and supporters now that the election season has begun - they want our vote. How many pet households?

Interesting on CNN this AM, they said Al Gore's energy usuage is up 10% over last year and he had no response.

Real change would be a food safety bill with teeth in it -




Here is what Hillary wrote up last Nov.

I would look at this and the proposals from the House and Senate on these issues and start bugging the heck out of your states "people" and any authors or supporters of food/product safety legislation. Now that we are in GE mode, bug the heck out of the candidates also. With hearings ongoing and we've had the beef recall and now the tomatoes (plus more lead), product safety, both imported and domestic, may have a chance if we all scream loud enough.

Gore's energy usage could be up for many reasons, one could be environmental. We had a milder summer last year, so mine was down (YES!!) but this year I've already been through on "official heatwave" which required AC earlier than normal for me. If we have even a normal summer, my usage will be up from last year a few percentage points. If we have a bad summer . . . my wallet will be unhappy.


Yes, Al Gore is endorsing Obama...

and it is wonderful that Gore mentioned the pet food recalls.


what has Obama said along that line? I want to hear him say what's going to be done about food safety if he's elected.


Marcy, Obama believes that competent regulation strengthens the economy and the country.

McCain believes that the whole idea of competent government is a chimera--and that the natural consequences of having FEMA run an unusually incompetent political hack when a major hurricane struck an unsually vulnerable city proves that there's no way that government can do anything good. The pet food poisonings may not hit home for Obama in quite the same way they do for Gore or Clinton (who both have pets), but he cares about food safety, and drug safety--it's the FDA that regulates all three.

Dr. Patty Khuly

Bold...and brave. No, not just Al Gore. Politics is risky business on a pet blog. Somehow it works well here. Kudos.


I hate to sound all cynicalish but between now and election day, both candidates will be promising to fix every single broken thing that ranks high enough on the voter radar. No candidate can possibly do that. I'm glad to know they are informed and have plans *just in case* the other two branches of government decide we should all work together for the greater good and accomplish real change. But realistically, I'm expecting no major overhauls to pet food safety or even food safety in general, regardless of who wins in November.

And I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong in my expectations.


If its Obama, there's a chance for a change. As you know his mentor, Dick Durbin, is very involved with food safety issues. So, this might get more attention that it normally would. Maybe.


I agree with slt, candidates seem to always "promise" more than they wind up delivering. And foolishly, the public always believes them.

Obama and McCain should take the food safety issues very started out with thousands of our pets dying from tainted food, and now we are seeing it spilling over into our own foods...most recently tomatoes.

If we (our government) don't do something really soon about all of this, I think it may have the potential of bringing about the contamination of all food products.

And let me tell you...that IS serious.


I hope our next president realizes that this crisis will continue unless some serious regulation comes into play. It's a sad commentary when the world's super power cannot reign in food safety.

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