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18 June 2008


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I was just reading over at Bad Rap recently for updates on the dogs. Hurray for Leo! and Bad Rap and everyone else involved with getting these dogs a second chance.

Leo's a beautiful pup.


Zippiddeedoodaa... I've been saying it for years. It's nice to hear a back-up chorus, every now and then.

As a longtime dog trainer, in particular one who specialized in re-training aggressive dogs for over a decade, this kind of thing isn't news to me.

I've never met an "inherently" aggressive dog. ...Lots of dogs who learned all kinds of threatening coping strategies, but none who couldn't learn more appropriate ones. ...No genetic manipulation required. Just good, ol' fashioned training, socialization, leadership, and compassion. ...Can make a model canine citizen out of any dog. :-)


Don't forget to send a copy of this video to the HSUS and head ex PETA honcho Wayne Pacelle. HSUS called for the killing of all Vicks dogs but not before they begged for money to help them. They still call for the killing of any "fighing dogs". Here is an excerpt from a "study guide" from their HUMANE TEEN printed material.. This is supoosed to be a "discussion" topic for tennagers..


recommends that any dog who has been specifically

bred, conditioned, or used for fighting not

be placed for adoption by an animal shelter but

be humanely euthanized.

Think About It

Do you agree with The HSUS’s recommendation

regarding the euthanasia of fighting dogs placed

in shelters? Why or why not?"

Why not?/ just look at the video.. I seriously suggest that anyone with children in school at any age check out what is being taught.. This is directly from Humane Teen.. the HSUS website..pretty sick stuff....especially for a non profit TAX EXEMPT group who claims to be an animal PROTECTION agency.

Freinds don't let friends donate to the HSUS or PETA!!!

way to go Leo....

Gina Spadafori

My favorite of the bunch is Hector, who always looks as if he is in heaven just for being held.

Look at where Hector is going:

And look at that face! What a darling dog.


I emailed you guys this story, even though I figured you'd have already came across it. I'm so glad you posted it! At the dog park with Kasey I've only run across one pitbull that I was nervous around. The rest have been complete sweethearts. Actually, the scariest dog at the park is a very territorial golden retriever! :O)


Oh that is wonderful! I love seeing how happy Leo looks! What a "feel good" story!

Lisa V.

How adorable!! I have had a pitbull for 11 years, raised from 6 months old as a rescue. He is the sweetest, kindest, non-threatening, baby...he is the love of my life. I hope Michael Vick rots in hell...I'm being nice about that statement. I'm working hard to prevent/help what this man (if that's what you want to call him) has fed into. No sympathy here for him....I love the pitbulls and know, personally, that it is the trainer that is bad, not the dog. I will continue to fight for the cause to protect these innocent babies!


Thats awesome. Pitbulls are amazing dogs and one of the only breeds i will own. The special thing about pits is the emotional and spiritual connection they build with their family. They dont just bond with u they become part of you and when raised and trained properly u can trust them with your life.


Micheal Vick shouldn't have done what he did because on the inside Pitbulls are gentle creatures that have been treated wrongfully. On the outside they look, some say ugly, beautiful to me. I love every Pitbull I see and no one can change that. I'm glad to say that I am not afraid of a Pitbull at any cost. The wierd thing about me is that I'm not afraid of a Pitbull but I'm afraid of any other dog other than a Pitbull. I have been around Pitbulls my whole life. They are gentle creatueres and if/when treated right, not abused to chains, belts, and any other tools for aggression, they will pay that respect back to you. Michael Vick needs to be in jail a little longer becaues I bet plenty of those Pitbulls that he fought I'm sure are now dead.

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