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15 May 2008


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I'm a bit young, so the civil rights movement of the 60's was more my mother's generation than mine. I do know that what I have is due to a lot of people suffering and fighting for it. Even dying for it. Seems that every 30 years or so, someone's having to fight for what should be god-given rights (pick your terminology). I guess I see it as a step, and hopefully the biggest of many.

That said, it made me happy seeing the people outside the courthouse cheering and crying. I heard one woman calling her partner (I hope it was her partner!) and asking "Will you marry me?" And of course my daughter called and crowed that she could get married now...then informed me that she was doing it in Hawaii...someday...lol

Barbara Saunders

Christie, I hear you. This is similar to my case for why I am not ready for a post-feminist world.

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