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20 May 2008


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I was just thumbing through Chemicl & Engineering News last night but I nodded off...

; )

Just curious if any mention was made regarding the rat poison finding or the differing stories between Pedigree saying "We told everyone right away" about the link to the 2004 deaths and (almost) everyone saying "Nuh-uh"?


More science journal article blogging! Who needs an abstract when we have Christie! :-D


More oversight of the pet food industry is desperately needed. The melamine fiasco is just one piece of the story. We recently reported on the increasing number of Streptococcus infections in pets -- and humans -- arising from contaminated pet food.


Add in recent problems with salmonella, botulism, clostridium - and ingredients made from 4D animals... and we have a problem of nearly epidemic proportions.

Gina Spadafori

Pet food? Sure, but ... more oversight of the ENTIRE FOOD INDUSTRY is desperately needed. I gotta say our covering of the pet-food recall, food-safety issues and the FDA has turned me into a person who sources almost everything edible that comes into my house.

If I don't know/can't find the source, I mostly do without.

And of course, I'm now moving in to growing as much for myself as I can, as well as buying from the local CSA for additional neighborhood grown food. (My CSA is just a couple miles away, and our season's food boxes start this Friday, yay!)

Colorado Transplant

At www.blogs.wsj.com/health/ today there is an article about Stupak asking the FDA boss if he would like more subpoena power--the boss said it would be helpful.

Maybe it will happen next year.

Also, I have heard (I am not sure where) that the head of the FDA asks Congress for more money, especially for inspecting imported food, and Congress voted it down. One congressman said that the FDA should do more with less.

Again, maybe it will happen next year.

Gina Spadafori

MSNBC.com has a front page story about the surge of interest in "Buying American."

The beginning:

"It started with the tainted pet food."

Story here.

The story also talks about the Web site, How Americans Can Buy American.

Colorado Transplant

Many years ago I was surprised when a few items were "Made in China"

Now, "Made in America" label or printing is what amazes my brain.

I enjoyed the story about the woman trying to buy all American goods.

Gina Spadafori

Yep. Times change, sometimes for the better, but too often not!

I couldn't believe how hard a time I had finding clothespins that weren't made in China! (I'm putting out my wash sometimes now, part of my "Year of Living Greenly" effort.


You're hanging your wash out? Every dog in my house just asked if they could come over to your "amusement park"!


E. coli scare prompts beef recall in 11 states

"The meat being recalled is used in ground beef products. Included are 30-pound and 60-pound boxes and 47-gallon barrels of "MORREALE MEAT" beef products."

"The states affected are Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin."

full story at http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/05/18/meat.recall.ap/


WHAT??!!, there are still recalls? I thought "recall" had been "RETIRED" in favor of

"voluntary product withdrawal" or "stealth recall" or "reformulated improved poison" or just "all new, all natural" advertising supporting a new package design.

What the heck is wrong with the meat industry?

They can kill just as many people with tainted goods as the pet food industry kills,and get away with it, just like the pet food industry did, they just need to use the FDA cover up system and keep lying about the death toll, very simple. Very effective.

Since any number of illnesses or deaths of humans or pets can be, and are, routinely lied about by the FDA, I fail to see the problem.

This beef recall won't kill enough people to matter. Or change a thing. And better get used to it, no number of dead pets is ever going to matter, or change a thing.

Several hundred thousand dead pets in 2004 did not matter. 300 thousand dead pets in 2007 and over half a million suffering damage did not matter and I tremble at the death toll it is going to take to make it matter.

Over a million dead pets, left to rot in full view, might do it. Or a few dead kids that snack on a handful of euthanasia brand kibble.

Whichever comes first.

Colorado Transplant

Geez, why did they leave out Colorado in the recall. The docs here could shore up their practices with all the people who get sick from tainted, should have been withdrawn, beef.

I guess they didn't send any of that stuff here.

Mama mia, my cats can have the beef for now!


Gina --

Remember, "reuse" is just as "green' as "buying American new" -- I bet you could get some great clothespins at a local thrift store.

The Goodwill store and the local hospital thrift store are my first stops for "basics" -- if they don't have what I need, them I move on to "buying new."

Gina Spadafori

Great thought, and that didn't even occur to me. I'm going to remember to check out the second-hand stores ... and craig's list, too. Also Freecycle!

Cathy Z.

Thanks agian, Christie, for the wonderful article.

Bernard J. (Bernie) Starzewski

25% by weight?

Let me repeat that for effect...

25 percent by weight!

I said at the time that this was NOT a simple contamination event which was the word being pushed at the time. Search up the old blogs if you want to check on my posts but that is what I said.

25% by weight or 25% by volume is not some floor sweeping Janitory accidentally "contaminating" a batch. 25% is willful substitution of chemical crap for food.

It was an out and out substitution of product because thats what Anying made and that is what they advertized and that is what they sold and that is what they delivered.

It is after all called "Chem" Nutra. What part about "Chem" do we not understand?

NPN, Nadine. That's what you posted and thats what I zeroed in on and that is what this stuff is. Non Protien Nitrogen. And that is what killed my Brandy.

No, this was no accident. It was pure lousey stinking greed.

I think that it is appropriate here in a dog blog that I attribute the this word to the people at Chem Nutra and Menu Foods...


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