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30 May 2008


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Was it W.C. Fields who said something about never working with animals or children because they'll upstage you every time? It's great that people are paying attention to this issue. Good job!


Awww! Cute pix. I can't watch the video but I do HOPE the news mentioned how the whole problem can be avoided by feeding your dogs a raw diet!

Is a Borzoi a good pet? I've always wanted a Saluki but I hesitate because I have, and hopefully always will have, a few little dogs too. Some people say that's not a good match.


I've seen news reporters completely miss the mark so many times! This was really pretty good. Kyrie definitely has that "star" quality. Good show!

Colorado Transplant

Just wondered--won't the station give you a copy of the video for your own purposes only if you asked them for it?

Wonderful article and story--I am still trying to access the video. Will try again later, maybe it is my computer busy with updates, who knows where the problem is but I will keep trying as I am fascinated by medical knowledge, especially new solutions to healing.

Christie Keith

I have it on video, but nothing digital. I'm trying to find out if someone can convert it for me!

There was a much-shorter version shown on the 11 o'clock news, but it was just massively edited down from this one...


This is great, Christie.

Just think how many other dogs it may help save from MRSI!

I am so happy for both Kyrie and you. I felt so sorry for her when she was suffering from it.

Just another example, at least to me, as to how nature (in this case, medical grade honey) can heal.


Darn. Missed part of the broadcast. Our local Ch 4 station in the Detroit Mi area has a local medical physician who does news stories each day and today he was reporting on MRSI as related to dogs. See, when like-minds put something out there into the Universe, the Universe responds with more of the same in kind. All we have to do is be attentive. Thought of you, Christie. Glad that more information is being brought out about this infection.


Christie, I forwarded a link to this blog and the other MRSI articles to a bulldog rescuer this AM as they are trying to help someone with an affected dog. The owners are in a state of panic apparently and fearful of their own health and meanwhile nothing much has been done for the dog.

The rescuer and several others on the rescue list all want to convey a big "THANK YOU" as your articles have been the best sources of info and references they have seen so far. Apparently several other dogs currently in rescue are fighting this too. Hopefully a few will pop into the blog and say hi too when they get the chance. The poor dog in question has over 40% of his skin affected apparently, yikes!

Christie Keith

Wow, Jennifer, you've made my day!

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