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30 May 2008


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I hope Kyrie is feeling better soon, those photos look just awful. Great blog!


Poor Kyrie! I am glad she's on the mend. I found the video on the station's web site, it's at to link directly.


Sandy... actually, it's this:


I missed you on the news!! Why didn't you call me??

About your AfterElton piece...if you ever get to interview Rachel, can I carry your laptop? Power chord? Coat? Spare shoes??

It's wrong how much I girlcrush on her.


DUDE, I DID call you! Check your cell phone voice mail, yo!

And Rachel is mine.


I'm so glad Kyrie is feeling better. I sent a link to the article to my Vet, this is such a rare infection that he was very interested.

You both looked great on the vid, it made me smile to see Kyrie strike a pose.


Hey, they call it "mursa" there? It's always referred to as MRSA here. And I'm told it's everywhere in the environment. You cannot avoid it, but fortunately it rarely causes trouble.

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