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16 May 2008


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See, on the Oregon coast, there's no air conditioning either. I love how people think that sunshine in SF equals heat. It was 100-and-omgidontknowhwat down here today. I'm glad you have an AC unit. You and the kids will need it in the coming days.


Anybody wanna to come to Sacramento? It was 75 degrees when I left for the office at 6am this morning ... 103 when I left the office again at 1pm ...


I hate this heat it's 93 degrees here in Tijuana/San Diego and it's only May. I can't even imagine what it's going to be in August.

We have ceiling fans but it's not enough. I just came back form the pool and it's crowded and boiling since the sun is hitting it straight on. I might need to go out and get a portable A.C. unit or something...

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