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26 April 2008


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get human?

yeah, maybe you'll get a barely English speaking human located in whatever country they're outsourcing customer "service" to these days. With some fetching American-sounding name like "Butch" or "Troy" or "Michelle". If you ask for a supervisor you'll just get another script-reader from the same boiler room.

Airlines may be the worst for this fraud.

Gina Spadafori

From Portland, yes? Alaska Airlines. Talk to real people living in real states including or relatively close to California. (Although the miner/pioneer guy pictured on their planes looks creepy and scary to me!)

And what do you want to bet if/when you DO take your credit card to SFO (after driving, finding an expensive parking space, standing in line for 20 minutes minimum, etc., etc.) the person at the counter:

1) Has never heard of this policy; and
2) Won't take your information;

And your friend still won't be allowed on the plane.

More on Untied (misspell intentional) Airlines: In Austin recently, presented with a dog to go to Portland through Denver -- MY DOG WOODY, in fact, who was flying along with my friend Mary -- the United Airlines guy muttered, "Great, NOW I gotta get someone up here to deal with this damn dog."

Woody is fine, by the way, happily back home, but I'm not sure that's not just luck.


I know you have the great Alaska Airlines love, but the reason we switched to United was because Alaska kept cancelling her flights -- twice she had to stay Sunday night and get home on Monday because they couldn't get her out of San Francisco as scheduled. It was intolerable.

Apparently it's ALL intolerable.


This has to be the stupidest airline horror story ever. It's amazing that you can buy virtually anything over the internet but a plane ticket requires you to go to the airport. Next you will be told to go to your nearest travel agent and get one of those old school plane tickets and mail it to your friend so she can travel on this idiot airline.
Stories like this make me love Virgin America Airlines even more, great service, inexpensive and entertaining flights. If only they would add more destinations.


United can bite my maple cream cookie ass.


Gee, I hope Frontier doesn't do this when my niece and her husband come to visit using the tickets I bought for them. It's bad enough that they filed bankruptcy the day after I bought their tickets!


wow this is rather odd. I guess I should be happy and count my blessings. I recently bought a ticket for a friend and her son to fly on United from outside of the country to SFO. I emailed them a copy of the confirmation. They came and left without a hitch.
Good luck with your venture.

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