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28 April 2008


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I'd never heard of the What's he Matter With Kansas book, but I totally get the point. It has never ceased to amaze me how people vote against their best interests. You would have thought that after 4 years of Shrub fertilizer, they'd get it. But no.

I watched the Fox interview, and I don't know that it solved anything. Then again, I don't think it hurt anthing, either. I think Obama should keep his eye on the prize, period. Time out on the distractions...in fact, didn't he and Colbert put distractions On Notice?


I do watch Fox News, especially since the election heated up. It's the only American channel I get (I can thank Murdoch and Sky News for that). When I want to know what Americans are digesting, I watch Fox.

Mostly, it seems they are watching tornado coverage, and planes-in-peril coverage.

Earlier on, they seemed to treat Obama fairly. Then the Wright thing happened, and suddenly it was 24/7 Wright nonsense.

I watched the interview with Chris Wallace, and it was brilliant. I've not got a doubt that any Fox viewer who saw that came away thinking this wasn't a scary, creepy guy after all.

So, in my opinion, he did himself a favor going on the show. Kos can jump in a lake.

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