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15 April 2008


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I can't speak to the specific people you're talking about, because I don't know them, and honestly, you're the only political blog I read. Politics makes me crazy, and I'm not really interested in being crazy after the age of 40. ;)

I've been wondering about my own use of Hillary Clinton's first name, as compared with my use of Barack Obama's last name, and I'm not so sure it's sexist, although I'm open to having my understanding of my motives changed, if necessary.

I think with the proximity of Bill Clinton's past-presidency, it's probably a distinction that is being made between the two of them. What's more, it probably SHOULD be made from both a political point of view (she needed to distance herself from her husband's presidency and run as her own candidate not an extension of her husband) and a marketing point of view (after all, how many huge and successful popstars are just known by one name? Many). Calling her Hillary is an expedient way to accomplish both of those goals. An argument against this, of course, is that we still called George W. Bush by his last name when he ran, and his father's presidency wasn't very any farther in the past than Bill Clinton's. But then again, his father had the same first name. So calling him George would have defeated the purpose. I know that many people called him "W" (when they were being nice), and if I recall, there were even some official bumper stickers that capitalized on that appellation. So, that may be in favor of my argument.

Anywhosy, as to the rest of it, I have no opinion. :)



I find that I do that as well: call Sen Clinton Hillary and Sen Obama by his last name. I find myself calling him Barack more often now, though.

I was rather taken aback at Elton John's assessment that people were "misogynistic" where Hillary is concerned. While this is in part true, I didn't like being lumped into that category. I live for the day that we have a female president. Why am I wrong for not wanting Hillary to be that woman? Conversely, why am I somehow wrong for not voting for her because she's a woman?

I find myself in that most unique of political stats: being a black woman. Look at my choices. Choosing one over the other is to diss the one not chosen, by way of gender or race, or so goes the school of thought. Can't win for losing.


Those sexist attacks against Hillary came from women, too. I call them self-loathing women, but some were just cheap shots, I'm sure.

I call her Hillary because 'Barnacle Bill' as I call him, is an image I try to keep out of my mind as much as possible.

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