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23 April 2008


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Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is losing and has been since Super Tuesday. Yes, she has had a few victories since then but the fundamental facts remain the same: she is losing and furthermore is in debt and to gain any traction she has to go increasingly negative and do perhaps irreparable damage to the DNC. Her continuation benefits two people: John McCain in the fall and Sen. Clinton in 2012 (be damned Sen. Obama and Democratic Party).

Sen. Clinton is trying to redefine 'win' and to change the rules of the DNC at the end of the game. So lets play by the DNC rather than Clinton-rules. Here are the facts not CNN or FoxNews spin:

1. Sen. Barack Obama STILLs has more pledged delegates; 2. Sen. Obama still has won more states (30-14); 3. Sen. Obama still leads in the popular vote; 4. Sen Obama has closed the gap in superdelegates (and now ADD Oklahoma Governor); Hillary leads by 23. Since Super Tuesday over 80 have joined Sen. Obama and only 5 or 6 have joined Sen. Clinton. 5. Sen Obama and has proven himself to be a fundraising genius.
6. On top of all of that, he has inspired a new generation of democratic voters and reconfigured the electoral and electorate maps.

Sen. Obama is well on his way to securing the nomination for the Democratic Party, despite the spin that only big states or late voting states should count and trump all other states. The NYT's has buyer's remorse. Chris Matthews on msnbc.com said it best last evening: the cable media by their framing and spin are trying to manufacture the belief (he called it delusional) that Sen. Clinton can win. What I have suggested below is, to quote the Clintons, a move beyond Billary-fantasy and toward a "reality-check".

Dowd is right: President and Sen. Clinton GO,GO, GO, quickly. Please!

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