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12 February 2008


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rose-aka the Drew fan club

So unfair and made me cry. The author is brave to tell of this and hopefully this will help change things in the future. Sadly the love this dog had even briefly is more than some of the overpopulation pets have.


There are no words...

Meanwhile Michael Vick, who directly contributed to giving "Pit Bulls" their undeserved reputation, gets to keep his millions.

Gina Spadafori

RIP Red. You deserved so much better.


Exactly the same thing happens in Denver hundreds of times a year, and in shelters all across America 10's of thousands of times a year To the applause of HSUS and PETA and the ignorant among us.

Tragic and cruel. Unjustified and unnecessary


This story really moved me. I am woefully uneducated about the laws, but it really makes me sad that people like Celine and many other animal service workers have to go through something as difficult as this. I can't imagine how tough it would be to take a happy, healthy dog to be euthanized on the sole point of the breed.

Nadine L.

This stomach-turning story of traumatic and outright animal cruelty is in such shocking contrast to the celebrations of this day at Westminster!

I, too, truly love dog shows and have been enjoying Kim's reporting.

However, I share Celine's and your pain over this barbaric event. Tonight you aren't suffering alone, Christie, as I know I'll be up for a long time pondering how very wrong those laws are and seriously wondering about the sanity of the people who make and support them. It's just not ethical. Certainly not humane. RIP Red. You didn't deserve it and we know it. WE loved you.

The Free Dictionary shows more than one meaning to the word "celebrate." There is the familiar "To observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing" that is taking place at the Garden this week.


There is another meaning given to "celebrate" and that is: **"To make widely known; display: 'a determination on the author's part to celebrate . . . the offenses of another' William H. Pritchard.'**

**So "CELEBRATE" THE OFFENSES OF BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION! Yes, fight BSL! Be a crusader for all the Reds of the world.**

When BSL loses, we will celebrate again, big time.

From "The Free Dictionary" --

cel·e·brate (sl-brt)

v. cel·e·brat·ed, cel·e·brat·ing, cel·e·brates


1. To observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing. See Synonyms at observe.

2. To perform (a religious ceremony): celebrate Mass.

3. To extol or praise: a sonnet that celebrates love.

4. To make widely known; display: "a determination on the author's part to celebrate . . . the offenses of another" William H. Pritchard.

Hot Springs Pit Bull Alliance

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this Christie! It's stories like this that make me want to give the term "Pit Bull fight" a whole new meaning. When people hear that phrase spoken, they should be thinking about the owners standing behind their Pit Bulls, doing the fighting they cant do for themselves, in the courts and in the city council! Watch us bear our teeth and and fight for justice!


Tears for Red and Celine. What a woman to fill his last day with fun and treats.

Nadine L.

LL -

I found an article from a rescue group about the proposed bill in Minnesota with very telling facts and some suggestions on what you can do.


The Lady Logician

We are fighting BSL here in Minnesota and a friend sent me a link to this. I am sobbing in my coffee and now more determined than ever to make sure that this abomination does not get passed in my state. Thanks for sharing this sad, sad story and bravo to Celine for speaking out.

LL ("mom" to two herding dogs)


oh my god.. i cant help myself.. i'm in tears.. bless you and what you do. i wouldn't be able to live with my self either.. go on celine.. we love ya. vvv

Gary Carson

thank you for sharing this story. My city in Augusta KS USA adopted a law against Pit Bulls in 2004. Today, Jan 21, 2008, the local dog catcher spotted my 5 yr old Stafford Shire Terrier in my front yard going pee. Now Chloe has to go. they want her our of our town imediately. Or be put down. She's such a sweet dog. Who's gonna tell my 10 yr old son that the dog he has loved for half of his life has to go or be put to death?

celine jacobs

hello all, just wanted to thank you all for your comments, i am the celine that had to kill Red, i have since left the job after having to kill another 2 pit bulls, and becoming disillusioned with my work colleagues, managers and people in general. I will go to my grave thinking of the animals i had to kill for the sake of a shitty law. I managed to stay sane and not hit anybody in 8 years in the job but could not promise that would last any longer so i quit. If anyone knows of any good animal jobs going in the south west please let me know


mary frances

Christie thank you for slipping this story in -thanks for your writings and all the work you do for all the animals (and people) at risk in the broken animal control system, you tell the truth - one day there will be fairness and justice for the animals and for the people who love them - a future where dear dogs like Red will be valued and loved. Celine Jacobs has courage to tell this tragic story.

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