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01 February 2008


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The Humane Society of Broward County is an open admission shelter. We accept all owned animals regardless of their health and temperament. Animals that meet the shelter's criteria for adoption are placed up for adoption without a time limit, they must stay friendly and healthy. Those that do not meet the criteria are euthanized. The shelter is not a "no-kill" shelter. There are local "no-kill" shelters that give out maps on how to get the the Broward shelter, when they turn pets away. Please visit www.humanebroward.com. The website has been completely updated and more changes will be updated, but we hope we have covered this issue in the FAQ section.

Christie Keith

Yes, we publish transcripts of all our chats.

Nadine L.

The OTHER Pat --- Thanks for the heads up on Therapy Dog training! Will surely not miss it. Keagan is stubborn and training is slow (trainer ineptitude) but Keagan HAS made the connection between positive behavior and reward. Clicker (mostly) works. I understand OESes are not easy subjects due to their potential for goofyness, nocturnal in his case. More exercise will tire him out and soon the rain storms will end, allowing for longer walks.

News --- This Sunday we are adopting Molly, a healthy, beautiful, affectionate and social Cocker Spaniel (papered) whose owner is in failing health. She may be another candidate for therapy work.

Christie --- your Annual Chat Week(Month) lineup is impressive and exciting! Great job. Thanks! I'll be tuning in.


Is anyone familiar with the Humane Society of Broward County? That name has come up on another board I participate in, and there's currently a discussion of whether or not they're truly "No Kill". My initial impression - from a brief perusal of their website - is that they're using "adoptability language", but that's just an initial impression.

Anyone know?


Hey Nadine - take a look: The presenter on February 16 is talking about training Therapy Dogs:


Nadine L.

Christie, will chat transcripts be available for all the presentations?


I've just revisited the entire discussion (on the other board) that gave rise to my inquiry here about Broward County. This whole thing is interesting - because the fact is, the Broward County website does NOT claim "No Kill", so they're being honest there. And yet - because of the statement on their FAQs page reading "Once an animal is evaluated and goes up for adoption, there is not a time limit, as long as the pet stays friendly and healthy" - the *impression* of "No Kill" has been created in the mind of the poster on the other board who suggested Broward County as a "No Kill" shelter.

It's just another example of how confusing this stuff can get to the general public, IMHO.

Christie Keith

There are local “no-kill” shelters that give out maps on how to get the the Broward shelter, when they turn pets away.

This is exactly why "no kill" is not about individual shelters, but communities.


Cherie, what's your live release rate? Of all admitted animals, that is, not all that come in "adoptable."

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