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29 February 2008


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I'm thinking shopping would help here.

I find that caplocks of doom work quite well for you.


I think it's understandable for a couple of reasons. One the fact that we're not all afforded the same rights is ridiculous in and of itself and having to explain that to someone is insulting and frustrating.

Two, it's not just something you're passionate about, it's something that directly affects YOU. It is you and I find that sometimes I have the hardest time expressing myself for me. (if that makes any sense).


ol cranky

I think you could have stopped at FUCK YOU. It was a perfectly appropriate ending to express the frustration for the unjustifiable bullshit you face every day.

You're not looking for validation, you're not looking for special treatment, you want, need and deserve equal rights and equal protection under the law. Anyone who doesn't understand that needs to take their head out of their ass.


When dealing with ignorant idiots a big gigantic explosion of FUCK YOU is articulate.

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