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24 February 2008


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spotted dog farm

hear hear! it's great that winograd is giving hope to burned-out rescuers. i find a lot of comfort in his message and his passion. and there seems to be a silver lining in polarizing the shelter and rescue communities: real progress!

Susan Fox

I just read her post. Wow. Talk about re-framing the argument. Excellent point also about all the publicity when a rescue gone bad is uncovered while hundreds of county and city facilities kill and kill and kill, often cruelly and don't provide decent care to the,uh,lucky animals that go up for adoption. Like LA, maybe?

Christie Keith

I agree, I felt she provided a new slant on a subject I was pretty sure had been set in cement. I'm quite impressed.

Dr. Patty Khuly

Here's another notch on Winograd's scratching post: Never before did I think I'd be working at a shelter doing spays and neuters. Though I take issue with using heavy language ("killers" smacks of the "baby killer" rhetoric I so abhor in the abotion debate), I'm gratified to see that Winograd gives new life to many. I just hope the polarization that may result between groups that NEED to work together gets toned down a tad.


Christie, could you expand on this bit: "Some truly believe it can’t work; some truly don’t want it to, mostly for reasons I wish I didn’t understand."

Thanks for this blogpost.

Christie Keith

I believe that opposition to the no kill movement comes from a large group of people who sincerely believe it cannot work, and a small group of people who are invested in the status quo for ideological reasons (disapproval of how people think about, care for, and relate to companion animals, and in fact, disapproval of the keeping of companion animals; wanting to punish "bad" pet owners, to teach them a lesson, to "hit them over the head with a 2X4" as the former head of one shelter put it; etc.), and a very small number who are protecting their jobs, position in the industry, etc.

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