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19 February 2008


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Colorado Transplant

The link to the pet food criminal charges by the FDA is

Colorado Transplant

Last blog for me this morning: The Wall Street Journal Health Blog quotes Congressman Stupak who lost his teen age son when he committed suicide after taking the drug Acutane as saying something like:

"If the people knew how little the FDA is doing to police the food and drugs, they would be marching in the streets." (Not an accurate but pretty close quote".


I guess by "isolated" the FDA means "one of many".

Colorado Transplant

Pressed wrong key.

fda.gov/consumer/updates/pet_food021908.html should be the link.

So much suffering by the animals and so many deaths!

Finally, after a little over a year, the FDA is moving toward finding some justice.

Amy Anderson

My puppy just died two hours ago of parvo. He was positively tested by our vet("quick and strong results"). He had been treated with IV fluids and antibiotics for two days. Four hours ago he was drinking water on his own. His body temp was very cold...he was warming in front of a heater, resting, and drinking water. He was sleeping, we woke him to give him another round of IV fluids, and his final dose of antibiotics for the night. He vomited, had a seizure and quickly died. Is is possible that this new strain is neurological, causing the brain to shut the body down?


I just bought a new puppy on June 28th, On July 4th morning I noticed he wouldn't eat, and he wasn't active at all. Around noon he pooped a mucusy brownish yellowish colored poop with about 10 tapeworms in it. So I gave him a wormer. two hours later he pooped same color poop, with hundreds of worms coming out. Then he played and was acting normal. I planed to take him to my vet in the morning, but with in a couple of hours he was down again, so I took him to an emergency vet. They did the parvo snap test, it came up positive. I told them he just got vaccinated a few days ago, could that have gave us a false reading or could he be reacting from the vaccine. They said no. Two days later he wants to play, he drinks, but still wont eat but maybe a few bites of rice. But he hasn't pooped since 5:00 July 4th. And he never has vomited. So I called the vet that I took him to yesterday, and asked if he could have been misdiagnosed, cause I don't smell a foul odor coming from him, & he's not having bowel movements, and his temp has been normal the whole time. From the 4th to now. They said that the snap test is never wrong. I would just like to have your opinion on it.

Thank you for your time.

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