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20 January 2008


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Colorado Transplant

Just wanted to add--I heard the story on the Ed Shultz show and Ed is continuing to keep up with the outcome. (Progressive Talk Radio).

Colorado Transplant

When I heard about the homeless marine veteran who lost his wife and son in a tragic accident and that was living with his DOG in his car in O degree weather, and that the Mom of Marine Vets in Florida is going to call a Mom of Marine Vet in Colorado to help him out, I cried, not for the Marine Vet but for the DOG who will also get help, I assume. Just cry every time I think of the story.


love sent! great that kids are involved. our city shelter has a program with high school kids. they write a newsletter at the end of the summer and it makes me cry every time. i guess i'm not that jaded after all ;)

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