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30 January 2008


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... even though I'm not a dog owner (yet), I filled the survey out. I'd consider getting an AKC 'mutt' club membership - if it came with reasonable benefits. Which I don't think they're even CLOSE to.

I can only imagine what BYBs will try to pull if they can claim that their pekawhodawhatsisuaha is 'registered' with this club...


I see so many people worrying about an explosion of designer dogs coming from this, but it's my assumption that, as with the ILP/PAL program, the dogs will have to be spayed/neutered in order to be registered.

I just want to be able to compete in AKC dog sports (which is pretty much what's available locally for me) with my non-AKC dogs, and I want to be able to choose a future agility dog based on the dog, not it being purebred. But the idea of "mixed breeds" as second-class is so offensive to me, I can barely put it into words.

lost for words

I just checked the survey site. Unfortunately if you have only purebred dogs you are kindly excluded from participating in survey. This is unfortunate as there are many of us who have something constructive to say about this program. Oh well nothing new with AKC practices?


Lost for Words--I currently own only a purebred dog, too. I used the comment field to express my support for including mixed breed dogs in performance events on an equal footing--pointing out that, in my opinion, the current policy expresses an unAmerican attitude of worthiness being founded in ancestry, not personal character and ability.


I did the survery and since I have a mixed breed dog, it let me all the way through. I thought the questions were decent, so I think it's worth filling out.

Hopefully, they will get an earful from folks who own mixed-breed dogs and want to compete as far as their dog's talents will allow them. I just can't imagine spending all that time training Pepper in agility and then she was stopped short of competeing in the highest levels because she's a BC with a Shiba Inu tail. Any dog should be permitted to compete as far as their talent will take them.

BTW, what is "rally"? The survery asked about it, but I had no idea what they were talking about. Is this something a herding dog would like?


Rally is a new sport, lots of fun imo. Not as rigid as traditional obedience, not as high octane as agility. It's kind of an obedience obstacle course. You go through a course comprised of a bunch of signs with different obedience exercises on them ranging from things as simple as sit to more challenging exercises such as back up three steps in heel.


Susan Fox

Rally obedience or "rally o" is really great for breeds that might not be well suited for sports like agility or for people who don't want to do traditional obedience. You are encouraged to talk to your dog and are supposed to be openly having fun.


Hey, let's here it for the dogs we do not speak of. Somebody's gotta love these guys. Don't be afraid of a little competetion from the underdogs. It's all about promoting the well being of all dogs. I promise my dogs DNA won't touch your pure dogs DNA!

Gina Spadafori

Darlene, ya might wanna read what else we've written about this program, that we believe mixes should compete on equal terms in the all-breed dog sports.

Unlike what PETA tells you (that anyone who has a purebred dog is the same as being a member of the KKK), many of us have both purebreds and mixes (and cats and other pets, too), love them all the same and fight for the good of ALL pets.

Especially here on the Pet Connection. :)


I think it would be great if they allowed mixed breed dogs to compete in AKC activities. I have a basset lab mix, his parents were both pure bread dogs and would love to enter him into things, but there's nothing around for mixed breeds where I am at.

And that rally sounds like a lot of fun!!


Unfortunately I found this website after the due date for the survey. I would love to see mixed breeds included on all AKC activities. I've been looking to get into something with my border collie mix and can't seem to find anything because she's a mix. I just found a novice rally-o class being offered by the county rec department and I signed up for it. I can't wait to see how that goes. I've never heard of rally-o before but from what I've read it is just what I've been looking for.


this a bit off. im not sure if this is true. someone told me that there are some show dog compitions to recognize mixed breeds that she had seen online .

she told me something about if u win 3 or so ribbons in the mixed the breed would be recognized for akc and would be conisidered one of the breeds. i have a maltipoo and i was just wanting to know even if he doesnt win, somehting for him to do.

is this a real thing or is this just a fake and if so where could i find a website for it

Gina Spadafori

Sorry, no. You can't enter an AKC event with a Maltese-Poodle mix. As for a Web site competition, well ... it's not the AKC's. My guess is a scam.


Danielle, if Agility interests you, I believe the non-AKC Agility organizations accept mixed-breed dogs. Here is a website that talks about them:



ty ^^ was thinking og agility also hes got alot of energy. i wanted to put him in something since he likes to show off lol

ty for website

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