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19 December 2007


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Frankly, the other point that Christie brought up, "exploitation" by animal welfare groups of horrific sickening animal abuse cases/disasters for purpose of soliciting more donations is interesting too.

Maybe the case of BF importing pets from Lebanon resulted in an increase of donations exceeding the cost of bringing such animals in.

In other import high publicized cases, maybe it brings more people into the shelters instead of picking out a puppy mill questionable purebred dog from a pet shop/internet. I know all maybe's. I dream a lot.

If more donations can be drummed up for the welfare of animals, low/no cost spay neuter etc., improving shelters, increasing adoptions from shelters, I am all for it. Even if it is a little bit shady sometimes, as long as animals will benefit from it in the end.

An animal saved from a horrible life is stil, an animal saved, anywhere on the globe.


Christie said, "why not do both". Which is the perfect answer to the usual argument about saving animals when there are children starving on the other side of the planet.


I can see it either way. Funds to fly in a war zone dog might give equivalent aid to 10 or more other dogs by moving them to a US shelter more able to adopt or foster them.


"and local homes have room to adopt them"

the downside of that is, those homes step up when they hear of these dogs/cats being brought in from wherever while local dogs/cats still sit in the kill shelter with their paws crossed. we have one large shelter here that imports southern dogs and dogs from other countries (those ones get news coverage!). they are not bringing in small dogs that everyone supposedly wants, but many times, mixes of med to large size very similar to what is already waiting for homes. ok, so they do bring in lots of mixed breed puppies that will grow to med/large dogs, but we got those too! and then there's the kitten rescue bringing in kittens from all over while we are overflowing! i think my biggest problem with the relocating is how it's handled. publicity and the areas the dogs/cats are going to. seems kind of counter productive to bring them into already saturated areas. using resources, publicity and homes that could be going to local dogs/cats on death row.

now don't get me wrong, i do think the animals need help, but i question how they are being helped in many cases.

heh, maybe instead of working towards a no-kill nation, this is something that should be addressed as a global issue ;)

Christie Keith

I'm sure it would be, and some people do that, too, in many of these places.

But why not do both? Why do we have to choose?


Wouldn't it be more productive in the big picture to help these countries to develop their own animal welfare programs, animal cruelty laws, spay neuter programs and public education campaigns?

I have no problem if this is to address the immediate needs of these animals, but without long term goals we are simply living in the moment and the cycle will continue.


It should not make any difference when a dog or cat is rescued what the location is , or where he/she will end up as long as it is a safe forever home. BF rescued some dogs/cats from conflict ridden Lebanon a few months ago, yes, Islamic dogs LOL.

A couple of years ago, I was at my vets' waiting room and commented on a very well behaved dog. Owner told me , it was a Sato. Another person chimed in, that is was hard to get/find a Sato. I never heard about it and it looked like a loveable mutt to me but kept my mouth shot. Who likes to look ignorant.Got home and hit the internet ofcourse.

Was surprised to discover that Sato's are from Puerto Rico(less than stellar on animal issues) and are streetdogs(mutts) living under rather bad conditions. And, yes, many are brought into the continental USA and do get quickly adopted. Nothing wrong with that picture IMO.

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