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26 December 2007


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Wow! What a nail-biting existence you intrepid investigative reporters lead!

(Of course, all that matters is that the *dogs* are happy! VBG!)

Gina Spadafori

What do you want to bet they start hounding you for the $79?



You are SO bad!!!!


What's the bet they end up trying to bill you ...


Oh there's no doubt they expect you to pay that bill.

It's amazing how stupid companies can be... for the ca $20 (maximum) it costs them to make that bed, they've lost DOZENS/HUNDREDS of potential customers in the people who read this blog.

Though I'm pretty peeved at my vet for charging me $150 for some pills that I could have bought myself for $15... You can bet that's someone ELSE I'll never buy anything from (though I will certainly use him as a vet since he is awesome)


I just got an email from a friend whose 3 dogs I gifted with dog beds from PetSmart [PetSmart's own brand]. Stuffing from the pillow is coming out. The dog using the bed is not a digger, though he will paw at the pillow a little to make his nest.




I'm with you about not paying that $79.00. Not one cent would I pay them. In fact, I think they should pay YOU for your trouble!

If you get a "your payment is past due notice" I would send them a letter informing them that if you get another demand for payment they can be assured of your filing a small claims civil suit and that they can plan on losing time traveling to your area to meet you in court. Bet if you took it to court the judge would empathize with you. We've ALL received terrible merchandise and horrible customer service....even judges.

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