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30 November 2007


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Hi Christie-

Some things working for me and my dry skin, are vitamins, 8000mg of fish oil a day, 200iu vitamin e, and this is helping soooo much. Better than buying a bunch of products that don't work.


Thanks, Judi... however, I'm already doing that... it's not enough anymore. :(


Have you tried any Kiehls products? My sister uses them successfully. Also she started using Bare Minerals makeup and the Rare Minerals night products and they are working well too. My only suggestions! Love your blog!


Sorry Christie, maybe up your fish oil dosage, or switch products. I don't wear make up at all so I can't help ya much with products, I only use Cetaphil to wash my face, an some real soft skin lotion.

Now, something a friend of mine did while she was pregnant and some before, is she actually rubbed olive oil on her face and belly. She never had any stretch marks. I tried it but my face broke out big time.

TTYL - Judi


I'd schedule an appointment at Gentle Star (http://www.gentlestar.com/). Yes, they do scary, cheesy things like Botox - but my friend (Jenny Test) who is their dog walker referred me and I had the absolute best facial of my life there. They have high quality products and unique procedures which address most skincare issues and I bet they could help you out. Sell mineral make-up, too. Professional and knowledgeable. Not exactly cheap - though what they can do there is worth it, IMO.


Hvaing got into my lat 30's still with severe acne, having tried every product out there, I have pretty much lost faith in any product line. They talk a good talk....

Lee Charles Kelley

Beeswax. Burt's Bees uses it in some of their products.
I'm Irish. I don't have rosacea, per se. But there are a few spots on my face that get a little red (probably because I drink too much diet soda--aspartame causes a strange rash). The Burt's Bees "Buttermilk Lotion" and "Banana and Beeswax Hand Creme" are what I use for redness.

Good luck!


Julia Szabo

Hi Christie, your fan Julia Szabo here - may I suggest that you try Neem oil, which has been used for hundreds of years in India to treat a variety of skin ailments, including chemical burns - tho' it smells strong, it is fantastic at soothing skin at any stage of irritation - it's also great to have on hand by the stove in case of a burn (heals even faster than Vitamin E straight from the capsule) - what's more if your dog has sensitive skin, as mine do, there's a great non-soap pet shampoo called TheraNeem - oil and pet shampoo both available at www.fetchdog.com and other (human) products available at www.organixsouth.com - feel better >^..^<

Debra K

Hi, try Cellex C skin firming creme. Its expensive, but it worked for my flushing. There is a study that indicates that the ascorbic acid ( the "C") does the trick.

Good luck...

Emily J

fyi- For Rosacea and makeup I would recommend mineral makeup. The best brand I found that worked well with my skin was afterglow cosmetics. In the US they are at afterglowcosmetics.com and in Europe/Ireland you can find them at http://www.carefreebeauty.eu.



Mineral makeup doesn't work in my skin at all. It feels tight and looks dry. Perhaps when I was younger, but now that my skin is mature and dry, it's definitely not for me.

I agree it's far more pure and non-irritating, but it just doesn't work with my skin type otherwise.

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