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27 November 2007


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Bernard J. (Bernie) Starzewski

Im surprised this has no comments so far.

Our local NBC affiliate ran a story last night that just broke my heart. It was about a pair of dogs but one in particular that look a good deal like my Brandy.

These dogs were unwanted and were put down despite being little more than pups.

I have little Scout now but if I had known these great looking young guys were going to be killed so senselessly I would have driven there and taken them to live on the farm with my & Scout.

Instead they are nothing now.

Any home anywhere is better than that with damned few exceptions.

FYI: http://www.nbc26.com is doing a great job advocating against pupply mills and even have a rescue dog from one of their investigations that they adopted as a station mascot. "Scoop" the news dog's story is available on line as (I think) the killing story is.

They are the same station that aired the story about Brandy.

Somebody there likes dogs!

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