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22 October 2007


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Dan Gauss

Did they do any racing? In the midwest the Silkens love to race. We shot their racemeet at the National Silkenfest last Spring at Purina Farms. I agree, they're going about it the right way as opposed to, say, the "long haired whippets" we saw in New York last month.
Re: the San Diego fires.. we parked the motorhome overnight last Thanksgiving weekend at Mary Ann's place. Just a beautiful area.. I hope it survives. Glad she got her animals safely out.


They didn't race at this event, but they did let their dogs off leash to free-run. I was amazed at how well everyone got along, and also noticed that some of the dogs had true double-suspension gallops and some didn't. There were a couple who looked to me like powerful and beautiful racers, but I'd need to really see them in the field to be sure.

The local club seems very dedicated to racing and coursing. I definitely look forward to getting into the field with some Silkens and seeing how they do.

I heard from Mary Ann and they're safe, but out of their home for now. What a complete disaster these fires are!


I think the importance of vigor and variation in genetics is penetrating a lot of communities--if only because of the benefits seen in reproduction and life span. Not before time. I hope the more progressive breed groups help get the message out.

Alison Brendel

Thanks so much for coming out Christie! It was great to see you again and you made a wonderful steward volunteer and I'm glad you enjoyed Mark's talk, he's done a lot for us as a breed and we are so grateful to the support UCD has given us!

The fires sure put a damper on the weekend and I'm avidly watching the lists for people that I know hoping they are safe. What a scary scary place to be.


Joyce Chin

Boy, you were a FANTASTIC and very fun ring steward Christie!
Just so you can relive that windy wacky day, we have pics of the winners up on our club website here:


Joyce Chin

Dan, just to answer your question about racing , Sazi, the BISS girl at the event, is one of the top winning racers out here in California, where we can have 30 dog meets.
Her sire is the first Silken Windhound to achieve the breed clubs racing championship ( an SRC, equivalent to the GRC) , and also the first to get the second leg of his championship. ( SRCX, equivalent to the SGRC ) .
The Best Opp Puppy in Show has two SRC parents!

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