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07 October 2007


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Gina Spadafori

Hey, guess what, Christie? If you ever, ever decide to visit Sacramento (ha!), the largest store in the West (or so they say) for radio-controlled planes and such is near my home.

Christie Keith

I am SO GETTING ONE OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it! No lure machine, no lure operator, no lugging the darn thing along with a step ladder to the middle of a field, no pulleys!!!!

Christie Keith

Just click on the "YouTube" in the video and it will take you there... that works with all embedded YouTube vids. :)

Christie Keith

LOL, very true! They don't care if my brain is fried as long as they get new stuff. ;)


Oh, please post the YouTube URL so I can send the link to friends -- they have an Irish Wolfhound who doesn't get enough exercise!


"So, Gina wanted me to blog something interesting and meaningful, and I can’t. I can tell you that Rebel and Kyrie got new dog beds this week"

I bet that it's interesting and meaningful to Rebel and Kyrie! LOL!


Loved the video! Maybe we need to get RC groups and sighthound groups together at the dog park. Would love to see my greyhound do that!


I have to get an RC plane now! Both my Golden and 2 of my Flatties would LOVE this! (You should see them at regular lure-coursing fun matches - I have Flat-Coated Sighthounds!)

Gina Spadafori

Do I see a new dog sport in the making????


This is an excellent idea. Fiancee + RC plane + Haggis the deerhound + fast-moving plastic bag = 2 happy boys.

Kris Smith (Logan's Mom)

Christie, we are really enjoying the comments about Logan's RC lure adventure. A word of caution - if anybody wants to try it, the string should be attached to the plane with tape so it will come free with the slightest tug.

Lost for Words

Gives Airedale a new perspective. Gotta get me one of these...

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