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25 October 2007


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If you know of a shelter or rescue that might benefit from AKC support or info, provide them with the info from the AKC website.

For example, I sent the AKC info to the Jindo Project, because they do not have a "parent club" in Southern CA.



This just in from a rescue friend of mine who has been manning the situation up at The Gentle Barn in Acton ,CA:

"We need your help to get 200 bales of hay donation for a shelter called: Gentle Barn in Acton, Southern CA.


Gentle Barn is in Acton had a major fire. It's a high desert area, north of Santa Clarita, Agua Dulce, Southern California.

They have enough of hay to feed their animals till Sunday night (barely). They were evacuated to Animal Acre and then be evacuated the second time. They just got back to their shelter on Friday 10/26/07.

More pics of fire will be updated here:


Please call the following supplies and purchase hay for them.

Mueller Hay Co

15706 Sierra Hwy

Saugus, CA 91390


Reference: The Gentle Barn

The store WILL DELIVER HAY to Gentle Barn.

They need 150 bales of BERMUDA hay

They need 50 bales of Alfafa hay."

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