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25 September 2007


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I was disappointed at this part:

"The grand jury refused to bring eight additional counts of animal cruelty against the defendants."

As I understand it, this would have been the individual charges for each of the eight dogs he had a hand in killing.

Bummer that he got out from under that one.


I would love to know that Lynn. If a sworn statement isn't good enough, what is?!

If they are going to trade testimony, they sure didn't give themselves much bargaining room . . .

The shelter that my dog was turned into didn't alert the authorities because it was before the alliance and an effort to work for the animals. She would have been taken to the city shelter and not made it out. The laws were/are flimsy at best and the prosecuting results dismal. Sounds like they have tougher laws there and all the articles mention them. And to be clear, I'm referring to the cruelty laws, not dog fighting ones. We really need to use the laws that are on the books.

Yes, I'm still busting a blood vein that there were no cruelty charges regarding the 6-8 dogs that were so brutally killed (according to sworn statements!)


I wonder what set of criteria the prosecutor uses to decide what to charge and how many counts, etc., etc.


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Michael's troubles aren't over. Seems the Royal Bank of Canada has filed in federal Court alleging Mr Vic has defaulted in a $2.5 million loan. http://tinyurl.com/2eqeho


There was a small article in today's paper that Vick was put under home curfew after testing positive for marijuana. Some people just never think they are wrong. Just hope Judge Hudson proves that Vick isn't as smart as he may think.


The prosecutor did bring charges for the 8 counts of animal cruelty related to the dogs that were killed - the grand jury didn't indict on them.

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