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21 September 2007


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Wow! What a heartwarming story and happy ending this little Terv!


What a fabulous story! He's gorgeous!

I only wish it didn't take a gunshot and news coverage to get people to open their hearts and their wallets to save pets.


What a great story about Fresno and all the dog lovers who opened their hearts and pocketbooks to help him. Like Deb, the first to post here, I also think that Fresno is a Belgian Tervueren -- at least a Terv mix.

I adopted a scrawny young brown dog who had been found on the streets. She was terrified and jumpy, biting the ankles of anyone who approached her. Some confidence-building months later, and after a better diet, she emerged as a gorgeous tawny and black Tervueren mix, smart, funny, and, like Fresno, unbelievably forgiving of humankind.

Christie Keith

I know, Laura, but on the other hand, we moan so much about irresponsible pet owners and so on, it's also good to realize how many caring people there are out there, helping animals who need it.

Heather Hines

Hi, I'm the foster for Fresno. I've been doing his rehab and watching his amazing progress as he's emerged from a painful, quiet and unresponsive puppy to a happy, playful, frolicking puppy. He really is a trooper.

Now, he's available for adoption and we're looking for the most compatible match we can find for him. We believe he's a Terv mix with possibly a Sheltie. He is small, weighing less than 35lbs at six months old. His feet are also small so we don't believe he'll grow more than another 10-15lbs possibly less. His coat is very like a Sheltie also, medium length, soft and glossy. His personality is like a Husky, sweet, but independent. Not a lot of eye contact but very affectionate and flirty. He would not be a good off-leash dog as he wants to run and ignore you!

Fresno is posted on Petfinder and you can see his bio at: www.indigorescue.org click Adopt a Rescued Pet. Thanks for your support!

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