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26 September 2007


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Christie Keith

Personally, I really like goats and always have. I've always wanted to keep my land for my dogs when I've lived in the country, and now that I'm back in the city, I don't have enough even for a miniature goat. But I'd love to have goats! I used to know a woman who walked hers in the forests near her home, on leashes, and they would eat brambles and poison oak near her house. She swore that if she drank their milk, she was no longer allergic to poison oak.


There are also mini horses, mini cattle, and mini pigs.

Not sure what other "mini livestock" is out there.

Dr. Patty Khuly

How about full-size goats? Mine weighs less than any German shepherd--why exclude her?? Contrary to popular opinion--goats don't have to smell bad.


Well, it's never been a secret that goats make great pets. It was just not that well-known. Goats are anything but exotic, but I understand where the above commenter is coming from. We may see goats in the animal shelter in the future along with X-mas bunnies and siamese cats, but hopefully goat breeders will get it right the first time and educate potential pet owners.


Sounds good on the surface, but these are *mini* goats, not goats. Shouldn't we be as concerned about breeding miniature goats as we are dogs or cats? Are there health concerns? Are the people who breed these animals responsible breeders?

I smell another fad on the horizon.


Mini-goats are cool. The sad thing is, there is rising crime against these cute pets where they are being stolen for sale to the ethnic meat markets or taken for private consumption.

One family in Colorado had 3 Pygmy Goats taken (and presumably eaten) earlier this year. They were pets and had names.



Yes, Pat, there are mini horses -- the only one of what you listed that I have seen and handled. And the existence of mini horses pretty much supports my point. They are horribly inbred and often have horrible health problems.

I agree with Dr. K -- what's wrong with normal size goats? Does Seattle allow those too?


ywchung, read a bit more carefully. I said "ethinic meat markets" not "ethnic private consumption." They don't sell goat in King Soopers. They do sell exotic meats in the Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Greek, etc. markets.

I'm not making some "wok my dog" or "that's not chicken in the chicken chow mein" joke.

If the animals were stolen to sell, they were likely sold to ethnic markets. Who stole the goats has nothing to do with who eats them if they were stolen to be sold.

If the goats were stolen for consumption, then they were either stolen by poor hungry people or by people who wanted to eat goat specifically. The former could be of any "ethnicity" the later likely wanted goat over any other meat available in the grocery store. You draw your own conclusion.



Christopher, what the f are you talking about??? Where are you getting these facts? Why are you presuming ethnic people ate people's pets?

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