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15 September 2007


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Comment by 2CatMom — September 16, 2007 @ 10:50 am

OY! good thing they haven't called me! lol!~

i used to get calls from the Dems on my business phone and the Repubs on my home phone. i thought it was hysterical because they were next to each other on my desk! one year i had laura bush and bill on the 2 different answering machines. still trying to figure out what made one phone a Repub and the other a Dem . . .


As a 4th generation Chicagoan, it wouldn't be hard to guess that I'm a registered Democrat. The funniest thing, is that I get polls from the National Republican Party as a 'loyal Republican." Now before anyone gets upset, let me say upfront that I have no doubt that the Democratic surveys do the same thing as I am about to describe, but I've never received any surveys from them.

On the last survey they asked 1)Did I want prayer in school or did I want the schools run by godless teachers (Gee I'd like teachers, Godfearing or not that can teach kids to read, write, add and subtract if that's not asking too much), 2)did I want to choose my own doctor or have socialized medicine where the state would decide what medical care I can get (hmmm, like my employer isn't making that decision for me now...if I can afford it) and 3)give special priviledges to homosexuals so they call convert our children to this immoral lifestyle (Convert? Really? I'm waiting to see them passing out literature on streetcorners - that will be fun).

Christie Keith

LOL ... yes, I don't think the pet media is quite as big an offender in this regard as the political parties. ;)

Gina Spadafori

Yeah, I saw one that was like:

Should all pets be required to be spayed or neutered so we don't have to kill homeless pets in shelters?

Um ....


Straybaby - I think I can answer that question. The Republican phone is the one on the right, and the Democratic phone is the one on the left!

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