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21 September 2007


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Not sure what I liked better..."this newly discovered trifecta of canine intestinal doom", or "a vaccine in search of a disease".
Well done Christy!


oopss! I mean Christie.
Nancy with tucked tail

Susan P.

I remember when it was claimed that Lepto was going to be a worse epidemic than parvo and it turned out to be a "vaccine in search of a disease." And, of course, vaccines against bacteria (Lepto, Lyme, Bordetella, etc.) don't have such a good track record either. We're all trying to reduce the number of vaccines our pets get, and these guys have to come up with new scare tactics.


I love the sarcastic skepticism. Love. I wonder how many people think that a glossy pamphlet must be gospel. I have a theory that the more money spent on glossy paper and stock photos, the weaker the underlying value.


After my vet (here in Costa Rica) tried to sell me on the giardia vaccine three times I finally switched to another vet. Unfortunatley he had already slipped the coronavirus vaccination past me.


Did you ask your vet why they had this pamphlet in their office? Do you still see this vet? Maybe they aren't pushing this yet in Canada, but I will keep my eyes open. Great site, wonderful information and excellent witty tone! (I found you on Blogher.)

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