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22 August 2007


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Kim, there was also mention of another company yesterday and when i went to their website, they also made pork puffs and pork hide treats. they sell on amazon along with also doing private label. doesn't China have a lot of pigs dying right now?

i have to wonder what is really being imported in the treats. if they are processed in the same factory, they could be cross contaminating animal proteins.


what i just don't get is how we can import dog chews made from animals in China that we can't import?! and now they want to work the poultry deal for human consumption?! OY! i asked the person who i'm getting my beef from if they could get me lamb lung as that is the fav treat with my pets. they have been saving them for me. i thought i was being a bit "over-the-top", but today i feel rather sane about the request . . .


"a contaminant that’s a byproduct of several pesticides."

so, does Monsanto or one of the others have some hints as to what to test for, perhaps? have pesticides been ruled out as the problem? and aren't these treats supposed to be all chicken? i know the duck and chicken strips that i have seen of a different brand were 100% (supposedly) poultry. why are they testing positive for melamine?


Straybaby - someone speculated last night that maybe these are mela-chickens. You know, the ones the FDA said were safe.

I have read that some of the strips have wheat gluten in them.

Also, there are lots and lots of reports going back several months of dogs getting sick and dying from chicken jerky strips - NOT just the ones recalled. Waggin Train is the other brand mentioned frequently. (I'm reporting them on my blog...)

And, of course, melamine by itself isn't supposed to make dogs get sick and die.

Amazing isn't it? Deja vu all bleeping over again.


Well put, Gina. I can't even count the number of people who have asked me what I recommend. In all honesty the only thing I can recommend is for people to do their own research and feed what they feel comfortable with. I've seen too many brands have recalls on food that I would have considered good to feed.

FYI, Red Flannel is a PMI Nutrition brand, although they have not added the recall info to their website yet. http://www.pminutrition.com/

Robin Armour

I work as a volunteer family representative with a rescue group.

So the families and individuals adopting out rescued dogs will have a suggestion as to what to feed their adopted pet, I leave behind a Solid Gold catalog, and a VPI insurance brochure.

During the March 2007 massive recall, I received over a dozen calls from families and individuals who had adopted from us thanking me for putting them on to a safe and nutritious brand of pet food that never showed on the recall lists with any of their products..

It's long overdue for the media and web sites like this to stop being so politically correct and sensitive to the feelings of all of the pet food producers, and to begin naming those brands that are the best, with unquestioned purity and nutrition.

There may be other brands of pet food as good as Solid Gold, and they deserve to be published.

It's the pets that depend on us for their lives and care, and the publishing industry and media should stop tip toeing and soft peddling around the giant producers of the industry, most all of which had their products named in the March recall.

Gina Spadafori


We don't endorse any brand of food in part because we have no way of checking the manufacturers' claims. We don't have a testing lab, we don't have access to their sources of ingredients, and we aren't in their factories.

If you cannot check what's going on inside those companies, all you're going on is their word, their advertising and your trust. Some companies are completely legit, some are honestly trying to be legit (but were blindsided by dodgy if not flat-out criminal suppliers) and others are cutting corners. We've seen it all here, and we question all as a result.

Your trust is not enough to get us to "certify" a food as "safe." Which is why we don't recommend any brand. You may feel OK with "unquestioned purity and nutrition," but we don't "unquestion" anything. We're funny that way. Ad slogans don't move us much, nor does cult-like devotion to any brand.

It's up to pet-lovers to do the research, ask the questions and make the decision that's right for them and for each of their animals.


I don't think it will end because we are still getting products from China. My Mother told me the other day that people are finding chemicals in pj's for children. What is up with that?

E. Hamilton

For 27 days Walmart delayed , after they knew the treats killed, this is a CRIMINAL offense. Who knows how many died or are ...wait for it...kidney damaged for life?

This sounds so...familiar.

Almost 6 months now.

Will it never end?



I have a question for you. Where are the products going? Are they going to Europe and Canada? (recalled items like the pet food,pj's for children,toothpaste, and the other products that were recalled.


16 confirmed deaths and its melamine - these are the two biggest lies of the scandal and they continue. Whatever killed my cat was terribly strong stuff. I don't buy the melamine lie. I suspect there were/are plenty of other more powerful poisons in the garbage coming from China.

With our government and big business in bed with the communist Chinese government I wonder if we will ever know the truth or the extent of the poisonings - they seem to just keep coming.


What is going on with the recalls there is too many.


NPR had a report one day that much of the olive oil is actually colored canola oil. And what they are calling EVOO may be the third press.

Concha Castaneda

I heard on the news that "Virgin" Olive Oil was being counterfeited. Can't trust the label. These companies open up one day, make their killing; and then quietly vanish the next. Hard to catch them. Might be a Mafioso thing.

Trudy Jackson

Nancy, What about the Olive Oil?? Please let Me know.


The article on olive oil doesn't surprise me at all. When I first started reading olive oil labels, it listed 13g of monounsaturated fat per serving. Then the number went down to 11g, then 10g. The bottle in my cabinet now doesn't list an amount at all! There are some olive oil producers in the US, and some are certified organic. I have no idea if they adulterate there product or not. The only bottle of domestic olive oil I ever had tasted like fresh olives, nothing like what I buy at the store. It was very expensive though.

E. Hamilton

At this point if you could find something that is NOT contaminated with melamine or other toxins like GMO and whatever scrap chemicals the FDA has given their buddies the go ahead to toss into the food chain for the peasants_THAT_ would be a surprise.

Karen Goodhart

Back to the article: 17 tests, Found Melamine, Need More Tests?

Can someone tell me, exactly how much melamine in food (human or pet) is acceptable?

Maybe I'm nuts, but I thought NONE!!!! Where's the recall?


E., I agree with you totally. I am still shocked that the vets have not stood up as a group to speak for the pets. With continued recalls, chronically ill pets, etc. Opportunities have been there, but they huddle together with the FDA and PFI.

Straybaby, I picked up on that comment too. Melamine and pesticide. Sounds like Monsanto should be answering...

I still don't think we have the whole story of what caused dead and sick pets.



Pardon my typing errors. I have not eaten melachicken or melapork or melafish since the spring and am probably low on protein. No problem!

I'll just take out my bag of melamine-tainted wheat gluten, rice protein concentrate, wheat flour and add some to my organic milk to come up to my recommended daily allowance for protein!

What's going on in the big beef industry? Things have been very quiet there.

(Good to see you around, Steve.)

E. Hamilton

Have you seen THIS pile O crap?


How DARE the vets-THE VETS- not get after the lack of media coverage of the symptoms, the lies and the cover up and the FREAKING FACT THAT POISON IS STILL KILLING!!!??

Not a freaking word-just more of the good ole boy backslapping while they toss off the casual "there is long term renal damage" in the SURVIVORS, there sure is, and expensive damage in money and tears it is too. Was there a FREAKING word about getting those bills paid?? Was this a hot concern for the VETS? Nah, one more time , the vets had a big fat chance to stand up for the pets and the people who have suffered so much and there they sat.

I am so offended and appalled.


STEVE said: Henderson's quote: "...third-party supplier in China was a fraudulent act that victimized many pet food manufacturers, customers and consumers."

Cry me a river!!!!!!!! Blame, blame, blame! Take responsibility.

And, it's not melamine, folks! What about Don Earl's acetaminophen finddings on his cat's food that NEVER contained melamine, the ingredient from China, you know -- the SUPPOSED cause of death of all of these pets?

Yeah, go ahead and blame teh Chinese.

The TRUTH WILL COME OUT about the U.S. companies.


Aug. 22, 2007

11:08 AM

(WTNH)_ There is another pet food recall. Mars Petcare US is recalling its five-pound bags of Krasdale Gravy Dry Dog Food because it may contain salmonella.

The bags were sold in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They have a "Best By Date" of July 16 and 17, 2008.


I was at my local specialty pet supplier yesterday and wanted to buy my dogs some chew bones. EVERY single one I picked out and looked at was made in CHINA! I could not find ONE that was not a product of CHINA!

E. Hamilton

The FDA is not gonna get a bit o sympathy from me because they DID NOT HAVE TO LIE AND COVER UP! It does not take money or budgets or bonuses, it just takes honesty and ethics and if the FDA aint got any, which seems to be the case, then I don't want them in charge of food safety.

In fact, I opted out of having the FDA in charge of MY food safety some months ago, the FDA has lied away their power.


Units of troubled Menu Foods Income Fund fell off a cliff yesterday for the third time in five months, after the pet food maker announced its biggest customer has canceled another huge contract.

"Menu Foods is disappointed in the reaction of this customer to the pet food recall," CEO Paul Henderson said. "The intentional tainting of product inputs from a third-party supplier in China was a fraudulent act that victimized many pet food manufacturers, customers and consumers."


I just recently started pet food with my greyhound and my tabby. I made their meals for many months, since the recall in march. I think i'll go back to homecooked meals for them again.

It's so sad that we can't trust any of these products for humans and our pets.The FDA is not doing the job,the Bush administration has cut so many jobs,it's hard for a few agents to inspect everything.

Nancy Nielsen

It would be great if instead of recommending any commercial pet food there were an inexpensive, clear pamphlet that covered the basics of home cooking and/or raw diets and acceptable supplements. I am so pleased to see my surviving dog looking so good on his home cooked diet, and I feel as safe as it's possible to feel in this global market since I am only feeding what I would eat myself. (Wild caught fish, organic meats where possible, natural foods at least.) I know that there are books out there but the expense is possibly a limiting factor for individuals who are otherwise good and caring pet parents or parents-to-be. What a good lesson for young people, to take on the care of the family dog or cat and learn more about foods (including their own). No imports, no cans, no hidden ingredients.

BTW, for the foodies here - check out the article on olive oil in a recent New Yorker. It curled my hair, I can't even trust OLIVE oil, I can't even trust Italy to safeguard one of its signature products. Friends, olives don't grow in Maine, what can I do?

Nadine L.

Changing your shopping habits? I am. Here’s one opportunity to speak up to the media.


Journal News & LoHud.com - NY News

(Original Publication: August 22, 2007)


…”You've heard about the toys with lead paint, the pet food with melamine, the toothpaste with antifreeze and the snacks with salmonella. Now comes news of clothing with formaldehyde. What do all these products have in common? They were either made in China or included ingredients from China. How has all this news affected your shopping habits? The Journal News and LoHud.com are reporting a story on this topic and want to speak to you about whether you are changing your behavior. Contact Julie Moran Alterio at [email protected] or call 914-666-6189.”…


I agree not to recommend any specific brand. What is considered "safe" depends on the individual. There are so many factors to consider. For example, I just learned that the majority of food cans for humans are coated with a liner that leaches Bisphenol-A, a known hormone disruptor. Google it for more info. So far, I have found only ONE brand name that does not use these standard industry cans. It is my expectation that virtually all canned pet food products use standard industry cans, which leach Bisphenol-A. Is it safe to feed these foods to pets and people? Not to me, but the government says it is. After all, the cans are FDA approved.

E. Hamilton

How many pets are being treated for renal failure?

There were survivors, how many?

Is anyone counting? I know the vets really don't care because the money is rolling in and well, I am too disgusted with the vets to go into it, read the link in my post above, makes me sick at my stomach to look at them all cuddled up with the FDA and the PFI and not a word about the suffering pets or the betrayal of the pet parents.

The FDA apparently can't count.

So is ANYONE counting the survivors?


Here's an interesting article on multivitamins:



Here's the olive oil story:


What people won't do for money!

It's funny - I make homemade soap, and most recipes call for olive oil. I have found, however, that I prefer to substitute in rice bran oil because I like the results better. I wonder if I was actually testing against *real* olive oil when I made that determination?

Oh well. I'll just stick with rice bran oil. More likely to be what it says it is, and I know I like the results!


As with some of the posters above, I agree that cooking your own pet food is the way to go.

Nancy Nielsen

Off the top of my head: haven't checked this but the article on counterfeit and adulterated olive oil is in the August 13 issue, page 38. New Yorker is at www.newyorker.com. Being totally dependent on the sun for my computer time I will let someone else check - sorry.

And I'm now using some olive oil from Australia (who knew?) and it's good stuff.

If you think multiple sources are bad, check out the Dole apple juice, about the only place not listed on the label is Antarctica.

How long will it take to reverse the heck-of-a-job-Brownie administration? Head of mine safety for the Bush admin had one of the worst records ever when he was operating mines. It figures.


Comment by petlover — August 22, 2007 @ 5:28 pm

on the fruits and veggies, some companies grow in the southern countries seasonally. they may have farms in CA and Mexico and just go by growing season as to where it's from, but packages will say both countries. i really don't know why they can't just use a sticker program in those situations. or have more than one set of packaging. these companies produce mass amounts and would have tracking as to how much is produced in what country. instead of ordering 500,000 of dual packaging, they could order 250,000 of each. and NO, it wouldn't be a cost issue.


Well, partly thanks to us bloggers and our political action on COOL legislation, it did pass the House and the Senate is working on it. Within a year all meat, fruits, veggies and peanuts will have to be labeled as to country of origin.

This shows that when a committed mass of people put their mind to it, they can change the direction of congress and the administration.


The OTHER Pat said: "Then on ANOTHER part of the label it says “Peanuts from: USA and/or Argentina and/or Mexico."

Did you ever look at some of the sides of the orange juice cartons, even the organics? Some say the juice is "from U.S. AND Brazil."

So much is mingled these days, just as our ground beef is. One patty might contain meat from 3 or more countries! How could anyone trace the source of anything?


Here's an interesting COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) situation:

I just bought a can of peanuts. On one part of the label it says "Made in U.S.A."

Then on ANOTHER part of the label it says "Peanuts from: USA and/or Argentina and/or Mexico".

Guess they covered all the bases there, didn't they?


Two of our dogs got sick from the canned Iams during the recall period with kidney symptoms but were able to snap back to normal or borderline normal after switching to home cooked or other brands.I suspect there are many dogs that were affected by tainted foods but are able to function normally if they are not given more poison. I think the vets do not realize that these dogs do not have full kidney function but are still able to get by.

jon mcelwain

we lost 2 presious dogs to the melemine tainted chicken jerky treats from walmart. Another was survived after 2 surgeries. Total cost of vet bills 5000.00 dollars. The puppy that we lost died of kidney failure and the vet could not help. The other dog was older and we never realized what happened we just thought that he died from old age. All symtoms of illness happened around June of o7. We did have samples of the recalled treats and packages of the jerky treats from walmart with the UPC numbers that WALMART quietly pulled from the shelfs. Submitted all samples to the FDA never heard anything more from walmart or the FDA.

Gary Richardson

Nobody wants to offend the Chinese -- even Bush. Chinese officials repeatedly lash out at Western countries and the rest of the world when their poisoned "goods" repeatedly kill thousands, in addition to pets. A society that bashes cats and dogs over the head and slaughters them for fur can simply be described as barbaric (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14L9otvV0-U) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNxw-tEn2SE).

The Communist Party Officials turn a blind eye and line their pockets with bribes and profits as people die. These people are so low that they don't give a rats ass about dumping industrial chemicals into "food" so they can make a nickel. Throw away your death toys dipped in lead paint, write letters to major food suppliers asking if they use ingredients made in the People's Republic of China, dump the crappy electronics that will burn down your house. We're a bunch of idiots if we pay for junk and poison from a bunch of commies.

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