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22 August 2007


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5 stars????

I say 5 million stars for you!!!!!!

You changed my life and saved my cat for which I will forever be thankful.

Christie Keith

SXSW Interactive is the internet portion of the conference. Panelists do a presentation and then take questions. Blogging is always a huge focus at SXSW. What the panelists will discuss is:

Why did new media expert Jay Rosen say he doesn't 'know of a comparable case' to the pivotal role played by pet bloggers in covering 2007's massive pet food recall? And how does it impact the next big corporate, medical, or government scandal that affects our animals' health -- and ours?


I'm sure the answer to this is very obvious, but I am not getting it. What exactly is this panel of bloggers supposed to DO??? Re "internet/music/film conference held each year in Austin, TX, is considering a panel on pet bloggers and the pet food recall for next year.]


I'll do it later from my home computer.

You know the one that absolutely MUST be mentioned during this event was the Friday search for the word "melamine" on the FDA site (sorry - forgot who did that) that yielded the import alert notice which had been issued AT THE SAME TIME that FDA was telling us "Nothing to see here folks - move along!"

That was an absolute classic!


Yay for SXSW (I'm an Austinite)! Just voted for it...

Trudy Jackson

Hi, I signed up, but don't know where to go from there?

Christie Keith

They will email you a verification, click on the link in it. It should take you back to the page where you can vote, but if not, go here:

Then click on the number of stars you think it deserves and then make any comments you might want to make.


Trudy Jackson

Got it done. thanks.


JustMe,they just said the company told them they were having problems and to call back in a few days.That's all I know.I donot want to cast suspicion falsely. It might just be equipment trouble due to all the floods throughout the midwest or something like that. We have enough for a week and if I have to I have a recipe.There were two more recalls on Itchmo yesterday or the day before that I did not hear about on any other news source-brands that I did not recognize.



Have you found out anything more about the unavailability of the kidney diet? Can you say which brand? Were you able to get it somewhere else?


I think the 2007 pet food recall is far from over.Today my daughter stopped by the vet to get kidney diet for our older dog and came back with only two cans. They called about the lack of it and were told by the company that there were problems at the plant. What kind I do not know.




Agree with Sindy... 5 stars isn't enough!

This panel is a fantastic idea. You have my 5 star endorsement at

E. Hamilton

There are a HECK OF A LOT OF SURVIVING POISON VICTIMS and this is bound to place a strain on all the money pouring into the places that make kidney diet food.

No one is bothering to count HOW MANY are suffering renal failure or HOW MUCH pet parents are STILL forking over for the food and the tests and vet care.

Maybe all that SHOULD be counted, ya think?

Maybe people and experts that CLAIM they care about pets should be thinking of THAT?

You would think.

Big vet love in with the FDA and the PFI and NOBODY thought of that?

So many things that are "somehow" not getting done, almost makes you think it is deliberate.



Glad to hear you are prepared. You're right. We don't want to jump to conclusions.



Comment by Bec August 23, 2007 10:18 pm

So sorry for the loss of your pet. My condolences.

I don't remember reading anything regarding Purina K&B being recalled. Try checking Itchmo or Pet Food Tracker.


I lost my dog 07/07/2007. I believe it was the food. How do I find out for sure? Purina kibbles and chunks.

Ann H


RE: Canine Kidney Diet

What's in the ingredient panel of minerals, vitamins, etc of that food, if you don't mind me asking?

Evelyn Robinson

Hi, I just signed up and am glad of it!

I won't go back to the old foods and think that some of the foods might put my two cats at risk with unhealthy ingredients.

So glad for all bloggers comments and especially glad to have this place to make comments.


Why not find out what other people have to say when they've done some research as to what dog food to buy and which is best for your dog, like organic dog food or cooking at home for your dog. Found some good comments here:

Pays to do some research as to what you are going to feed you dog, he/she's worth it no?


Yep! Yep!

Thanks. A panel on pet bloggers and the pet food recall for next year at the South by Southwest, internet/music/film conference is a great idea. I'd like to be in Austin and attend. I worked with The Humane Society of the United State, Farm Animal Division and the Humane Sustainable Agriculture program for a number of years. There is a huge connection between what our furry friends are being fed and the livestock and poultry industries.

Thanks again for your wonderful commitment and work.

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