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31 August 2007


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Jennifer J

Lane County Oregon has a private No-Kill Coalition working to reform their County Anumal Control. So far AC is resisting the change but the organization is sticking to their guns. It is interesting to note that two all breed Kennel Clubs are partners in the Coalition with animal welfare advicacy groups from the Lane County area with whom they were formerly at odds!

Here is a link to the report prepared by No-Kill Advocacy, pageg 9-11 are about the damage to animal welfare and pet adoptions that limit laws may engender




First of all, I am against any and all governmental laws that are created to regulate my private life. The number of my animals is not of any concern to any government, IMO.

OYOH, in our county is a law that is supposed to keep animals at the leash; and defecating without the permission of the property owner is also not allowed.

Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one who knows about that - dog 'owners' regularly send their critters out in an effort to introduce neighborly sharing: I have the dog, you have the crap.

I walk very early in the morning, and I am annoyed by the number of dogs at large - and some of them are *large*, and not one of them is trained.

I think I angered one neighbor at one time when she was dragged by her dog (I couldn't see any bags for dog-remnants, btw) and as soon as the dog saw me, it transformed in some sort of a Cerberus and tried to advance towards me, barking furiously and aggressively. She yelled - while trying to hold the dog back - that it is *friendly* and I shouldn't worry... geeeeee, she was miffed when I yelled back that until she gives her dog an order and I see this dog obey the order *immediately* I won't stop worrying, and neither should she....

If this behaviour of dog owners doesn't change radically, and soon, then I forsee 'dog-free' zones; 'dog-free' communities and other 'dog-free' areas - not because people don't love dogs, but because of irresponsible dog-owners.


NYC's limit law is the nuisance law ;) my LL has no prob with the number of pets i have (he's even helped me trap ferals in his yard) as long as they aren't a problem. 14yrs and counting, no problems.

i was looking to move back to SF until i found out they had a limit law. moving elsewhere now! i'm over the limit already and was planning on adding a dog when i got back to the west coast. oh well . . .


I've found one law to be effective in creating a harmonious community: a leash law! Even cats must be leashed where I live. (Effectively forcing their owners to creat outdoor habitats if they wish to let them outside.)

I moved from a city without leash laws where dogs were tied to doghouses in the backyards, neighbors snarked about each other, and each house with a dog was looked upon with distain by those without. (While out walking my dog, poop bag in my pocket, I was stopped by a little old lady who demanded to know if it was my dog's poop in her front yard. I told her that I was a recipient of that as well and didn't appreciate it anymore than she did and, BTW, I pick up my dog's poop.) I couldn't obedience train without being in danger of a loose dog coming at us. I walked my dogs after dark with all the other leashed dogs.

Where I live now, nearly every house has at least one dog (I have 4), and everyone smiles at each other because dogs are well-behaved, and if not, they are at least restrained. I can work my dog in the front yard (off-leash is allowed on private property) and neighbors can walk by with their leashed dogs and everyone is happy. I live with a HOA that has no restrictions -- I think there is a quiet agreement among the neighbors to keep it that way.

Limit laws are ridiculous, IMO

Jennifer J

Just ran through Lane Counties AC pages. NOT very pet or owner friendly. Hope the NKCC can get changes implemented. I personally have difficulty believing that out of 1710 cats, 1053 were unsavable or unadoptable.



Where I live people are only allowed to have 3 pets in the house. It could be:

2 cats and 1 Dog

2 dogs and 1 cat

3 dogs or three cats


HOA's (Home-owner Associations) have been rampant in metro-Phoenix for the last 20 years, and when I house hunted in 1999, I had to check the rules (CC&Rs)at each HOA because they can have more stringent rules than the city/county in which they are located. I had two dogs and three cats (all but one was a stray I had taken off the streets), and had to turn down one HOA that I liked in most other ways -- they only allowed three animals total (the sales rep said she thought she could "get me in", though). Where I bought, the rule is the more general requirement that we not cause a "nuisance". I am totally against limit laws; I think their intention is good, but they are unneeded and cause more suffering than they fix. Health regulations and animal welfare laws already on the books are enough to allow intervention in cases where people have lost the ability to care for all their animals.


Limit laws are heartbreaking. I currently have 3 cats. There is no way I would give one of them up.

One of the cats we have had for 8 years. The 2 kittens came into our lives after the pet food recall had claimed the life of our beloved Whiskers. We got them when they were 4 weeks old after their Mother died from being poisoned. There was no way I would have separated them as they needed each other. They were barely eating food on their own, mostly we were bottle feeding them. Even now one of the kittens hates being alone. Luckily she has 4 humans and 2 other cats to be with, and can always find someone.

Currently we live in a state that doesn't have limit laws, but we may have to relocate to CA because of my husbands job. The limit laws there terrify me.


I am very against pet laws regulating how many pets once can have by city or county. Some people have ONE pet and cannot take care of it, let it bark, run loose etc. while others may have five and they are well-cared for, well-trained and bother no one. Its all a matter of the owner and how responsible they are.


Personally, I think limit laws are just plain anti-animal. I believe that people ought to be able to have as many pets as they can comfortably afford and are able to contain away from their neighbors.


That is stupid. People should be allowed more than 3 pets as long as they can keep the house clean and smelling godd. If they can keep everything under control than their should be no problem.

Gina Spadafori

Noise regulations are in nearly every community in the land. Barking has nothing to do with pets and everything to do with enforcement of codes.

Barking, loud car stereos, leaf blowers on Sunday mornings -- these are NOISE problems, not PET problems.


I don't think there should be a blanket law limiting pet owners, but it would be nice if there were alternative communities where people who don't want to be jarred awake by barking every morning at 5 am can opt to live. When does one person's right to own as many animals as they want override another person's right to peace and quiet?

H. Houlahan

Hey Jennifer -- those "alternative communities" are called CONDO DEVELOPMENTS and you are free to move there and, along with an absence of domestic animals, enjoy being told that your door mat is 2 cm larger than permitted and no grilling on your balcony.

My FIL can't have a dog in the condo he allegedly owns, so it's very quiet there nothing disturbs him except the college kids screaming at 4 am and crashing their cars into the dumpster.

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