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24 July 2007


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There's 4 from QAF: Peter Paige is #86.


Yes, I came yesterday to edit the post and add that, but Typepad was down most of the afternoon and evening, so I wasn't able to. Thanks for the update!

It's funny, I actually think Peter Paige is pretty wonderful, so I'm sad that I missed him. And now everyone knows I didn't actually read the entire Hot 100 Guys list. Oooops. ;)


You know, if you'd been able to work a "Harry Potter" refrence into this post, you'd have had even MORE traffic. :)


OMG you're so right!!!!

Rod Mc

After Elton's list was interesting. Several weeks ago, they published my own list and only several of my picks made the Top 100. That didn't come as a surprise, my tastes are probably not typical After Elton.

The After Ellen list was just as surprising. Oh well. Maybe we're both getting old.


We're not old. They're just LACKING IN PERCEPTION.


Peter Paige is in there too, at #86.

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