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20 July 2007


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looks like he prob won't make it to camp. unless his ego over rules his common sense again . . .


can states press charges after the feds have? it would be kinda "funny" if he came up here and got arrested on dog fighting/animal cruelty/etc charges . . .

Andrea 2CatMom

If he plays, I hope the NY/NJ fans do give him hell. But I'd really like to see the Falcon fans give him hell on his own turf. I think that would shake him up far more.

My bad- anyone who allegedly committed the atrocities outlined in the indictment can't possiblly have any sense of shame.


Comment by Mike

I suspect that the Monday hearing could be the Litmus test as it applies to any future public appearance for Vick. I would not be surprised if he needs extra police protection from a very angry welcoming committee at the court house steps.

Just wait and see.


Straybaby -- yes states can press charges in addition to the federal charges. Virginia is still moving forward with gathering evidence for dogfighting charges against Vick (the federal charges are for conspiracy, not dogfighting).

Andrea -- I'd like to see the reaction of Atlanta fans too. But the Falcons play in NJ before they play in Atlanta. The Jets game will be the first opportunity for fans to boo Vick off the field.


EEP! He better not step out on our field!! Wonder if we can get him banned from the Meadowlands . . .


I don't understand how they can let him play. Put aside the legal and moral issues --- how are they actually going play with Vick on the team.

How can Vick practice with the distractions of preparing for his trial. He's already missing the first practice because he has to be in court in Virginia.

The Falcon's first game is a preseason game vs the NY Jets at the New Jersey Meadowlands on Friday, Aug 10. Does anyone seriously believe that if Vick walks out on the field, the NY/NJ fans are going to just treat this like a regular game.


Yes, I believe in due process. But that shouldn't preclude a *suspension* (v.s. a complete revocation of a contract). Heck - a cop who shoots someone in the line of duty is suspended while the investigation is ongoing. A teacher who has been accused of misconduct with a student is suspended while the investigation goes on. And so forth.

There is ample precedent for *suspension* while the court system does its thing. That's not a violation of the observance of due process.


The Jets game will be the first opportunity for fans to boo Vick off the field.

Comment by Mike — July 20, 2007 @ 12:05 pm

that will be interesting if he gets that far. i'll have to skip watching the game if he's there. not ready for a new TV just yet . . . hope the Jets defense is in top shape . . .


It's always about the profit picture and the corporate image. Guess these companies are thinking that if they lie low for a while this will be water under the bring soon and as usual.

America sure isn't what it used to be.

Gina Spadafori

Wow, Ann ... I had no idea of how incredibly cruel I am when I take my dog to a show. Just like dog-fighting!

I can't decide if you're ignorant or an idiot.

But I'm sure Michael Vick will be happy to know he still has fans.


Ann, Vick is not a fabulous QB, hate to burst your bubble there. And race plays NO part in this. If it were Brady, there would be just as much outrage. Maybe you should read the indictment. If you don't understand the issue after doing so, welp . . .


Give me a break. The media is blowing this "animal cruelty" thing way out of proportion. I say someone needs demand the media stop showing those cruel pictures of the alleged dog fights all over television and newspapers...the same way it was demanded that the asian guy at Va Tech pictures/taped video be taken off air. We got it....there was an alleged dog fight. I am a dog owner and lover and I am not remiss in saying that I would be horrified if someone did anything cruel to my dog, but this is not the case. These type dogs are fighters by nature, as horrible as it may sound, they love to fight. I will also say that in trying to take MV out for this, you will need to take out people who race horses, show dogs, animals in circusses, zoos, back woods cock fighters, etc. Come on, let's be real, do we actually think that these animals are acting on the sheer will to obey? Heck no, they are trained and no one is willing to give away their training techniques are they? Leave MV alone and let him be the faboulous quarter back that he is. We all know that if he were not a black highly paid NFL player this whole issue would be swept under the rug. This whole issue is just ludacris. I will continue to watch MV play football and I will continue purchase Nike anytime I so choose.


Comment by Ann — July 21, 2007 @ 2:20 pm

"I will also say that in trying to take MV out for this, you will need to take out people who race horses, show dogs, animals in circusses, zoos, back woods cock fighters, etc."

Hmmm . . . . . let's see . . . . . in how many items on this list do the animals try to tear each other to bloody bits (and succeed much of the time) . . . . .

Sorry, but how can anyone who CONDONES such activities (i.e. the ones where the animals try to tear each other to bloody bits in case you're missing my point here) call themselves an "animal lover"?



Seriously, these guys sprayed water on the dogs then stuck an electric probe to their bodies--for being a "loser" dog. The conditions which they lived in, besides having no loving human contact or social interaction is in itself horrific. Btw, do you know anything about Pit Bulls besides any hype we used to hear about? Pit Bulls are the most loving, loyal, and sweet dogs you could imagine. They are made mean by people abusing and enhancing that loyalty. Btw, pitbulls normally don't even want to fight one and other (German Shepherds tend to be more "interactive" even)..I realize that circuses for one use inhumane practices that they are trying to get outlawed--in many states they are. Zoos keep animals like big cats confined for their entire lives so that they pace all day long and become neurotic and ill. (that's where humanitarian organizations and other concerned citizens come in. In fact, they are passing laws that if other people were caught would be held accountable for. Dog Fighting is a Federal Offense--get it? He got caught--after many years however, and after it being "overlooked" by many. So you're right, everyone who does cruel things to any animals by law should be arrested. They are working on the Factory Farms and slaughterhouses now as well...Let's hope we all evolve, for ourselves, the other sentient beings on the planet, and the planet itself. It's way overdue.


To those of us who are real animal lovers and posted and called Nike to insist they drop him - we should now thank them for stepping to the plate and taking care of business. Nice to see the see finally that the almighty buck isn't the most important thing to these companies.


thank God Nike and Reebook have some sense in reegards to the Vick abuse issue. I would never purchase another of their products if they had taken the wimp way out.

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