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14 July 2007


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Lucius Malfoy? Well there....I thought it was Dr. David Acheson. Oops.

Sally Atkins

All of us in the Florida Keys are thrilled with deeries in the Potter film. We are fortunate to live with two dhs, so many people in the upper Keys have been exposed to deerhounds (even to stopping and asking us what in heavens name we are doing walking horses?!?). So thanks for all the info! Must agree the dhs with Malfoy are either under a spell or waiting to do away with the nasty man.

Sally and Duncan and Sarah


I would love it f you could send me a link to that scene. I've been trying to find it on everything I can think of! I'm a big Lucius Malfoy fan and I would LOVE to see tha scene!

David S. Greene

Fear not, Christie. I can promise with absolute certainty, given my proprietary knowledge of Harry Potter's proclivities and behaviors, that he would NEVER harm a Deerhound.

Christie Keith

LOL, I've never seen a Harry Potter movie or read the books, so I'm afraid I can't help, Casey!

I suspect your best bet would be in the hotbed of obsession known as the Harry Potter fandom. :)

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