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20 July 2007


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The center of gravity in this tragedy should now be on the surviving victims. They are all celebrities in their own ,albeit tragic, right. We all should stand up for them.

HSUS does not maintain any shelters as far as I know, they just monetary support them. Plus their merciless position on rescued pit bulls is well known.

Best Friends sanctuary in Utah seems to be a logical choice. They(Best Friends) can seperate the adoptable ones from the none adoptable ones(if any ,time /love can do wonders) and keep the basket cases in their sanctuary. I just hope that the HSUS would be willing to relinquish them to a more humane animal group. Too much bickering going on sometimes between animal groups as to who gets the glory/media coverage.

The media should also focus on those poor surviving victims and insure their future humane treatment and natural life span. Arthur Blank and his Falcons and even Michael Vick(afterall he was the legal owner since they were on his property ) should make a generous donation to Best Friends or another animal sancturary willing to accept them for their future maintenance.

Yes, I am dreaming again.

Maybe if readers start emailing Best Friends at www.bestfriends.com we can get some positive action for those poor victims.

Link to Nike Email campaign


Link to article with other Vick active sponsors, ea Rawlings, Electronic arts.



I was thinking today ~

Yes, dog fighting is horrendous!

So is cock fighting.

People pitting animals to fight each other is not to be tolerated... esp. for their own gain.

But, what I have trouble with is the news media's interest -- and outrage. Where were they when thousands upon thousands of pets got sick & died from pet food poisoning? After all, the critters that were (most recently) the target of human gain were dogs. The media didn't REALLY seem to give that topic much of their air time for TV coverage, in the recent past.

Could it be their REAL interest is that it's a scandal of an NFL player? I think so. Definately NOT on behalf of the dogs.

Sure, "they" may be mortified! But, the story would probably only warrant just a mention, if not for the "celebrity status" of an NFL player.

Christie: The Vick victims are probably sooo scarred that it would take a VERY patient, loving person -- probably a dog "whisperer" to ~ever~ alter the personalities of these "trained" dogs. The viscious training they've under gone would take a long time to correct. I'll bet these dogs never knew any other life.

Also, many of the Katrina dogs were shot, as recent news has reported. This is tragic in itself, but a lot more "humane" than the way the monsters rid themselves of their "failed" canines.

Quite tragic and very, very sad... :(

Trudy Jackson

I wrote a long post but it dissapeared? Did anyone get it, or is it my computer? Darn.


Kat, yes part of the media behind this is the fact that he's the NFL's second highest paid player. He's also flashy, demands attention to himself and believes his own hype (invites/begs for the attention). But I do believe part of the attention from the media is the shock of how barbaric this whole situation is. For some reason, they aren't outraged by the food safety issue, whether it be human or pet. Maybe it didn't shock them enough? Not enough Americans are shocked by how messed up our food system is? Dunno, but I do think part of this story getting more play is the deliberate cruel actions over 5 yrs. I know a bit about dog fighting from researching Pit Bulls, but I had never heard of the culling methods these guys 'supposedly' used. And that certainly grabbed my attention.

While I wish the food issue would have gotten (would get) more media attention and outrage, I'll take whatever this one gets in hopes it helps the dogs. Many people just got a crash course in this horrible practice and are pretty upset with many aspects of it. It's a start . . . now lets hope something good comes out of it while we keep on fighting the food issue!


Lou Dobbs has a poll on country of origin for ALL foods:

Should Congress pass legislation that requires mandatory country of origin labeling for all foods?

Yes 99% 5506

No 1% 37

Total Votes: 5543



Comment by EmilyS — July 20, 2007 @ 8:10 pm

while I agree with a lot of what you say, keep in mind, Bad Rap pulls ambassadors of the breed. The dogs at Vick's place prob had very little if any socialization and not much knowledge behind the breedings aside from making a 'tough' dog. One of the issues that 'bothered' me in the indictment was their buying record.

I've seen litters where at a very young age they were far from 'cold'. these are not dogs that can just go into the system. most systems aren't able to handle them, nor are most adopters. keep in mind, they were breeding for one purpose only, and their cull practice was far from humane. While I think pits have a great bounce back ability, and I know they need to be able to be handled by their handlers, that doesn't mean Vick does. And the volume of dogs seized does pose a problem as they aren't dogs (no matter how human sweet they are) that you can 'just' adopt out.

I've spent a fair amount of time in the past few days defending pits and their traits on various forums where folks have wanted to have the dogs attack Vick. Technically, the dogs wouldn't (shouldn't), but who knows with the way folks are exploiting the breed these days . . .


CNN has a new article about the upcoming US & EU visit to China re: food safety (yeah, right!)


In this article they state: "Two of the companies whose licenses were revoked and offices shut by China's product safety watchdog were the Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co. Ltd. and Binzhou Futian Biology Technology Co. Ltd.

Products from both were implicated in the deaths of dozens of pets in North America. Reports of the deaths and links to China emerged in March."


How do you shutdown something that doesn't exist? Xuzhou Anying was bulldozed down, by it's GM, Mao Lijun, just days before the FDA went to China.




Dog owners have to be VERY careful not to fall into the trap of believing that any pit bull confiscated from a fight situation is inherently dangerous. As described on our website, many dogs from these same situations have turned out to be our best ambassadors. Go figure.

Hec, Emily herself owns a dog that from a fight past, adopted from Spindetop Refuge in TX.

The HSUS and PETA will have you believe that all of Vick's dogs are ruined. Well, maybe they are. But who decides? Do we take their word for it and go back to our lives assuming that both those orgs have the dogs best interests in mind?

Pacelle is indicating that any pit bull that's from a shady past is a killing machine. This, from the Tucker Carlson transcript:

"If you go to shelters, local humane societies, animal control agencies and urban communities, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles; the shelters are full of pit bulls because they‘ve been turned into these machines"

Do you agree? I don't. And I sure hope I'm not alone.

Andrea 2CatMom

Kat: I had a similar thought. If Vick is guilty and his handlers/agents know it the best thing they could do would be to get ahead of the story.

Picture this: Vick appears at a news conference all contrite. Acknowledges that dog fighting is wrong and he is sorry for his role in it. He is willing to accept his punishment (under the right conditions, like helping the Feds he can too can probably cut a deal that would give him no/minimal jail time). And to try to make amends he's going to fund a rehabilitation center for his dogs and other dogs to the tune of several million dollars.

Now I'm not saying that this would make everything OK - it doesn't, but its one way for some good to come out of evil.

Yeah, I know, I live on fantasy island. Like every other celebrity he'll continue to insist he did nothing wrong until the boom is lowered on him. And his handlers and agents and so called friends will be right behind him as he heads off the cliff.


folks, please read that Bad Rap page, and the link they provide to their perspective on fighting dogs as adoptive candidates. It's vital to understand that there is NO connection between dog-dog aggression and dog-human aggressioin. It's vital to understand that pit bulls are not "trained" to fight, just conditioned to do so (and many of course are "cold".. uninterested in fighting). The "abuse" is not in any "training" but in encouraging/enhancing their fighting instinct and making it a blood spectacle for human entertainment. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, pit bulls are highly highly responsive to their owners and in many cases can be readily trained to behave properly around other dogs. Bad Rap's experience in this regard is quite interesting. I don't believe that ANY of their rescued/adopted dogs has ever gotten into trouble (at least none that makes the headlines!) One of my dogs was seized from a dogfighter, and rescued by Spindletop, the oldest established pit bull rescue group (actually person: Leah Purcell). While he displays some agitation around other dogs, it is easily managed. And he is a total love bug and sweetheart around people. He has never ever displayed the slightest sign of aggression towards me or any other person.

And finally: the one most important point: the total hypocrisy of HSUS on this issue. Not only have they hyped the dogfighting issue for 25 years, actually CAUSING an increase in the activity through their sensationalizing, they DONT RESCUE and they ADVOCATE KILLING pit bulls. They are almost as bad as PETA in that regard.


three cheers to bad rap for their blog and for all they do to support pit bulls and responsible ownership.

as a pit bull owner, all of this dog-fighting stuff makes me downright heart sick. i love my dogs so much. all three of them came to me through shelters or rescues. two were picked up as strays. i have no idea where they came from or for what they were intended. i know my female came from a city where dog-fighting (of the gang-related type) is fairly common.

but instead of existing in a world where they're chained on heavy chains with little protection and little care, where they're forced to fight for their lives and killed if they don't fight well enough, they're all three snuggled up on the couch together, peacefully dozing. this is what the life of a pit bull should be.

Gina Spadafori

Sorry, Trudy, I went into the spam folder to see if it landed there. No sign of it.


Comment by Serijna — July 20, 2007 @ 4:42 pm

the problem with keeping the dogs in someone's care will be that they may need to be kept apart from other dogs. that's a lot of dogs to manage at a sanctuary that can't be trusted around other dogs. if many groups stepped up to take one or 2, they may be able to get through this if they are otherwise sound with humans (as they should be). I don't know of one group in NYC including the ASPCA that could handle that many if they all exhibited some level of dog aggression. For Best Friends to commit to them would be huge and it seems they would need to weigh resources and space availability for sometime if they choose to let them live their life out there. There is no easy answer when it comes to a large number of pit dogs . . . sadly.

maybe each adoptable one goes to the home of a Falcon and the Falcons pay for their care including evaluation and re-training until they can be placed in a new home if they are placeable to start with ;)


Donna: You're 100% correct. Most dogs can be rehabbed. USHS and PETA, unfortunately have some skeletons in the closet. Sadly, too much apathy when it come to writing real laws that would protect animals.

"Show me how a country treats its animals, and I'll show you how they treat their people". Ben


My prayer is now that the NFL, the Falcons and Nike share the same financial fate as Menu Foods.

Trudy Jackson

Oh, By the way, Vick did show up in Federal Court late today. I don't know what happened, but it was on our local news. I think He had to sign some papers or something.


Comment by Donna

Ofcourse I agree with you. Your excellent blog got me thinking though about Vick.

That incredible social irresponsible SI issue. Vick growing up in a public housing development where dog eats dog(no pun intented). Acquiring so much money at a very young age. He reminds me of a young ruined pit bull puppy that possibly could be rehabilitated. There are so much things he could do right now to salvage his career/reputation. Not doing anything will finish him off.

The "saved" Vick pit bulls should be in the care of this breed various rescue groups ofcourse. They are the experts and will make the right decision.

All the various animal advocate groups though have their good and bad points. None will ever be perfect to everybody's liking.

My favorite is Alley Cat Allies and my local Paws of PA cat rescue group. They are close to perfect IMO.

Dolores Williams

It really bugs me to read these raps to HSUS because they don't "run shelters". No they make grants to groups to Build and/or improve shelters. During disasters they use that money to mobilize the equipment to set up shelters, acquire supplies and medicines (no not all the food and medicine is donated). No $ are not going to waist.

HSUS can get the media to take notice and get congress to take notice to cruelty case where ever they occur. I will continue to donate because I know where the money is going and I don't have a problem with that. I also continue to give to the ASPCA for direct care of animals and Best Friends for Direct care. The HSUS donation is indirect care which all the other groups profit from in the long run.


Serjina: That's a good idea about the "generous donation", only I think it should come as a HEFTY FINE -- like a million dollars to various shelters, etc -- along with maximum jail time, minimum 10 yrs. I think they've been saying 8, but that's not enough for 5+ yrs of crime & torture.


straybaby: Hope you are ok after the water pipe burst & all the chaos afterwards. I'm sure that was quite scary!

Trudy Jackson

Thanks Gina, must be My computer.


Pacelle said that? hmmm, many of the ones we see are just untrained happy go-lucky wiggly teenagers . . . oh wait, he left our city off that statement! ;)

Trudy Jackson

This time will be shorter. I can't remember all that i said anyway.

One thing is that I really think PETA and the Animal control, and the HUSU had to have known about this. Because it's been talked about for years. So, where was everyone then? Also, I don't care for PETA, Animal control, or the SPCA in Va. They are a Commenwealth, they make their own rules. Just because I live across the line, I can't adopt anything from Va. even if it's going to be put down. Animal control and the SPCA are a very rude bunch. Rude to everyone. And i'm sure they don't need the money. I know they have plenty of that. And i'm not defending Vick. I just think they all knew what was going on.

My grandson has a wonderful, sweet Pit Bull. The person who owns the land where my daughter has Her place told them they had to get rid of the dog or move. The dog had been abused before My grandson took Her. And She acted better than most of the other dogs there. Well, my grandson did move so He could keep the dog. what a damn shame that Pits have to carry that kind of stigma. It's just not fair to the dogs. And yes, these dogs will be put down and some of them would probably be fine pets. I keep seeing them on TV. they act shy and are always wagging their tails. They just want love like any other animal would. the whole thing breaks my heart.


I found this older article( June 15 on ESPN) very informative as it applies to the legal stuff in Vicks case. Hopefully it was not posted before.



From the CNN website for Paula Zahn Now:

"Thursday's Show

Secret Subculture

Inside the world of illegal dog fighting! See the secret subculture

exposed by NFL star Michael Vick's arrest. Paula Zahn brings the story

'Out in the Open,' Thursday, 8 p.m. ET" (5pm PT)

Check it out if you have the stomach for it. Most importantly, please

thank Paula Zahn for the coverage. It is vital that the major media

learn that viewers care deeply about animal cruelty. Paula Zahn takes

comments at http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5.html?11


As I commented on the earlier post, The HSUS offers an explanation of their response to the Vick indictment on their website at http://www.hsus.org/hsus_field/animal_fighting_the_final_round/faqs_end_fighting_vick.html, including:

After the seizure of more than 60 dogs following the raid on Vick's property by local Virginia law enforcement officers, The HSUS initially provided several thousand dollars in financial assistance to Surry County for the animals' treatment and care. We sought funds to help defray the anticipated costs of sheltering 52 pit bulls among these dogs for an indefinite interval. After a federal grand jury indicted Vick and three others, the costs of caring for them became a federal responsibility. We've offered to provide continuing assistance, but the federal government has decided to shoulder the burden on its own from this point forward.

All donations made to our appeals related to this case will be used exclusively for our campaign against dogfighting and cruelty. For 10 years, The HSUS has spearheaded national efforts to end this heinous activity. During this time, our investigators have worked with local law enforcement officials in some 100 major organized dogfight ring cases, providing expertise and assistance, testifying in trials, and caring for thousands of dogs maimed in the fighting pits. We have also helped to shepherd to passage nearly all of the current state and federal laws related to animal fighting. The HSUS has been the undisputed national leader in battling dogfighting and other forms of organized animal combat.


I am uncomfortable with the cover of SI with the warnings about pit bulls from the 80s. No doubt it will be used as a rebuttal for the line "In the 80s it was Dobermans, in the 90s it was Rottweilers..."

I suppose another question is, are we still going to be discussing if pit bulls are dangerous or not into the 2010s?

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