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13 July 2007


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Terri Campbell

Carry him? No, deerhounds *walk* on water. It's part of their magic!




No, I haven't read any HP books either, and saw the first film today. The deerhound is in about a minute of the film, running through the train station.

Christie Keith

He has people who carry him over the water.

Gina Spadafori

Yeahbut ... does he swim?

Christie Keith

I can't believe this has only 6 comments. What's wrong with you people, can't you SEE THE STAR QUALITY OF THIS DOG???


Too cool! Or maybe Tu kewl! In any case, this reminds me of the general elation when Allyn's Royce appeared (was featured) Isak Dinnison's dog in OUT OF AFRICA. But seriously, the HP books are magical & the films are pretty good, as well. I was introduced to them by a seventh grader in my studyhall just about the time #3 appeared. We own them all, and I have no other plans for 7/22-- might even turn off the phone & computer. Deerhound is a noble choice for Padfoot.

PS some of your friend's details are a little offf, but I shan't quibble.



What an absolutly awesome animal. What I want to be when I grow up...


Not only is this guy one handsome dog, he's got such a great name I can't help but admire him! (My ancestors were MacLeods!)

Leslie k

Hey guys-You have to read these,they are great. Cleod is just 1 more reason to watch !

john  wack

without a doubt Glennis your Houndies have in my mind taken the lead role of the film,I just cannot wait to get my infusion of Deerhound when I see the Film.----Greo's and shoulder buts to

"Cleod" ---and a treat of Cheese perhaps!


Comment by Christie Keith — July 12, 2007 @ 2:41 pm

"I can’t believe this has only 6 comments. What’s wrong with you people, can’t you SEE THE STAR QUALITY OF THIS DOG???"

Hey! I giggled on cue!


I, too, have never read a Harry Potter book or seen one of the movies. Having a real deerhound in one may just be the turning point.

Congrats to Glenis and Mick.

hugs to hounds everywhere,


Moondance Borzoi and Deerhounds


Christie Keith

I am so insulted that Gina put a new post above this one.


Christie, I didn't realize Deerhounds could have genetic stone issues. Dals have one also, urate related to Purines in protein. Same issue with males being more effected because of their anatomy, but a worry down the road with females also. It was one of the reasons I started raw feeding (that and Dot was emaciated and still under a year) Home preparing was SO much easier than finding foods that would work. And once I started label reading . . . well, pretty easy to switch. I try and keep Dot at a neutral PH and flushed :) Which reminds me, need PH strips! I plan on monitoring my male young kitty also. That will be fun! I may just get the litter that can detect urine changes for him.

interesting reads on the deerhounds! that's quite a pack at Kilbourne!


Aye, tis a Greet Hoond, but I dunnae no this Potty Harry mon!


My deerhounds have Kilbourne in them. Perhaps they can be stars too.


I posted a link on my blog to this important news. Except for the appearance of Cleod, the books are much better than the movies. I have particularly enjoyed listening to the audio versions read by Jim Dale.

Christie Keith

Rebel is quite litigious. He's sued me a number of times and has an attorney on retainer...


Oh! What a relief to have this puzzle solved! My fiancee and I nearly jumped out of our seats when we saw the deerhound in the movie. I suspected "Sirius Black" might have been a dyed deerhound. Thanks for your sleuthing!

Gina Spadafori

I moved Christie's post to the top of the blog, so Rebel will quit threatening to sue me.


What a gorgeous dog! Paris eat your heart out. Cleod has real beauty and I am sure he can act!

Diana Guerrero

So--competing for "top blog?" (get it? Top blog...)

Okay, I saw your silly comments and couldn't resist.

I actually did crawl out from under my rock to read the HP books and see a few of the movies. Sometimes I do have to stop working and do something different.

Christie Keith

It was Jaylynn who was in Out of Africa.

I don't think the deerhound will become popular because of being in this film. The dog is not identified in any way as a deerhound, and people just don't know.

What I think will happen, though, is that deerhound people will read the Harry Potter books because there is a deerhound in the movies. ;)

Of course, there are like ten of us in the world, so that's not likely to make much of a blip on the Harry Potter radar.


Joy, it's Isaak Dinesen, pseudonym used by Danish writer Karen Blixen.

Secondly, I frankly doubt that a Scottish Deerhound could have managed to keep a werewolf at bay... they are too light and were bred for deer, unlike their cousins the Irish Wolfhounds, who traditionally were kept to get rid (read "eliminate, dispose of, dispatch, kill, destroy" wolves in Ireland.

But I'm grateful for this blunder, at least it won't be the wolfhounds who will become the next fad... whenever a breed of dogs becomes popular because of a movie, the breed is nearly doomed... look at what happened to Dalmatians, for instance. Today's Dals aren't what they were before Disney's movie, alas, thanks to uncareful and large scale breeding aimed at filling the requests of the market. Bah!



I thought it was Allyn's Jaylynn who was in OUt of Africa.


Comment by Antonio — July 15, 2007 @ 8:13 am

Dalmatians from responsible breeders are still the same as they were before the movie. The breed's reputation took a major hit with all the poorly bred Dals out there, but the breed club and the core of the breed stood strong and worked hard to fix the damage (to both the dogs and reputation) Thankfully, their popularity is way down. Hopefully the ones needing rescue will drop even more down also. Still too many out there :(

I'd say what happened to Dalmatians is a prime example of why we need to protect the breeds and those who breed responsibly.


What a pity they had to dye a deerhound. Our Ailidh is naturally black, has exceptional star quality and is a great TV & movie fan (favorite series: Dog Whisperer, movie: Duma the Cheetah). If Sirius Black gets reincarnated in Deathly Hallows... I think I'll get her an agent.


Being an Irish Wolfhound owner and lover, I was just as excited to see that gorgeous Scottish Deerhound as Padfoot in the Order of the Phoenix!


I, too, am owned by a herd of Irish Wolfhounds. This does absolutely nothing to diminish my excitement over Padfoot being portrayed by a Scottish Deerhound. An excellent casting choice. To be honest, I could not tell if Padfoot was a Deerhound or a youthful, yearling Wolfhound while I was watching the movie clip. Does not really make any difference to the magnificance.


They are BOTH such magnificent breeds!


I couldn't tell in such a brief clip whether it was a IWH or Deerhound either, so glad we cleared that up. Me a IWH fan from way back and would say that a wolfie would be a better match against a werewolf but agree that both breeds are magnificent.


This is amazing.

I LOVE Harry Potter and when I saw that dog in the movie, I was all like, "Is that a Scottish Deerhound?!" Because I love Scottish Deerhounds, they're one of my favorite dog breeds. But in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, Padfoot was SO NOT a Deerhound...and in the books he isn't either. He's just a big, black dog, and most people, including me, probably imagine him as a more wolf-like one. I was pretty sure the dog in the movie was a Deerhound though, and figured hardly anyone else would realize that. I'm GLAD they did that, but it surprised me a lot.


Having grown up with a Deerhound, I immediately recognized the sleek, gracefulness of the dog on-screen even though the color was not what I'm used to. But that mystery has been solved. I have since adopted a Greyhound but the Deerhound is never far from my heart so I was thrilled to see him in a story I love.


i was thrilled to see the beautiful deerhound cast as Padfoot, but i thought an IWH would have been even better for effect. i think the added size/thickness would have been more fitting based on the mental image one gets when reading the book...


Beautiful dogs. Deerhounds are the best!

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