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02 July 2007


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I interrupt this blog site for breaking news:

Scooter Libby's sentence was commuted by our president.

Now maybe president will have time for the food issues.

Sandi K

This is kind of off-topic but you might want to go read Menu Foods website. They have a new post dated 6-29 called Annual Meeting Presidents Remarks 6-29-07. If you have just eaten lunch or dinner, you might want to wait a bit to let things settle down before you view it. Needless to say their comments such as saying all of the contaminated wheat gluten was removed as of 3-9 and that they were the first to pull the wheat gluten out even before knowing that was the cause will make your tummies a tad bit queasy.....


Not sure if it was AKC or just the Beardie Club, but they did something similar with Shaggy Dog.

On the upside, Dal popularity is WAY down!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, the mess that was made is STILL being cleaned up. From experience, they are NOT for everyone, but I can't imagine living with anything else. Well, maybe as long as I had Damnatians I could consider it . . . ;)


I like the idea of the DVD supplement with information of the dog breed on it.


Just throwing in my two cents worth. Dalmations are def. not for everyone. They are a handful and VERY subborn. But our little guy is such a sweetheart. He's going to be very upset when he can't curl up in our lap anymore to sleep.


No breed is for everyone ;) Dalmatians aren't particularly stubborn as much as they are smart and creative, imo. Gotta keep things interesting! But they def ARE a handful!! :)

If your little guy is a Dal, he won't 'realize' when he doesn't fit in your lap any more! lol!~ Mine doesn't seem to understand at almost 50lbs, she's a tad large for the lap of a slightly more than 100lb person. And she wouldn't be the first Spotty to pretend not to get it, lol!~ ;)

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