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28 June 2007


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Nancy Campbell

Very interesting! But I have a question. Probably a grossly naive' question, but what do you expect from a straight and obviously sheltered female? LOL

Where/what are the films about lesbians, you know, the ones that *aren't* porn written for men? The love, the romance, even the hotness? Are they out there? Do they have the depth and significance that these films about the men? Are there as many?

I went back to on of your April '06 posts, which outlined your "favorites", but the lesbian characters were rather-- in short supply.

Oh and I'm not talking about films that it has to spelled out to me. Do you know how much I loved the film Times Square, when it came out, but how clueless I was until I read your blog?? So I rented it again and all I could say was, DOH!! I know, I'm thick.


Stay tuned. :)

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