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27 June 2007


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As to FDA"s "risk based" inspections----the loss of thousands of pets has given them the clue the glutens can be contaminated and kill---so now they know glutens are risky.

Then we hear that PEOPLE have died because of diethylene glycol in cold and flu medicine---so now the know that is risky.

In other words: Something BAD happens or is found BEFORE the FDA does anything!!!

What is wrong with this picture?! And we need to see FDA gets more money to do a BETTER JOB??


Did you notice that the Canadian CFIA actually does the work and inspects the products?

Remember the explanation from David Acheson as to how the FDA handles goods detained at the border?

Acheson said that they require the COMPANIES to supply the paperwork that it HAS been tested, and they FDA only inspects if they feel the paperwork doesn't assure them of the testing.


Lets not forget that it was a canadian owned company in Ohio that added Melamine to a product it then sold to Uniscope to be added to feeds as a binding agent. I read the chemnutra new web site made me feel sick . have they earned our trust or distrust?

Gina nice picture and article in our tonights paper about Pet connection and itchmo!!!! You made it to New York !!!


Reminds me of the old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Too bad animals and people have to get sick and die before something is done about our food supply. If we had good control of our food process so much of this misery would have been avoided. People will do anything for a buck these days. Now it's going to take a massive effort to fix it with much resistance along the way.


I don't know where I read this....either a link here or at Itchmo....talking about the brown water used to irrigate crops (animal dung in the water), that about did it for me. Any raw veggies you eat could very likely be contaminated & that really scares me. Not sure if cooking veggies would make that much of a difference but it really made me sick. Then I read about a young boy who ate undercooked burger & almost died from a rare strain of E Coli. In that documentary, they said one tray of burger at the grocery store could be from as many as 20 or 30 different animals. So, from now on, I pick out a steak & have it ground right then & there. Tastes better too.

How did our country ever get to the point where our food is no better than a third world country? Oh yoo hoo, Bush & Cheney, are you reading any of this? What are you feeding your families? Bet me you & all your cronies have your own private garden & meat supply, not to mention special pet food for your animals. The rest goes to the American people. If we die, so what. It's obvious that thousands of dead pets meant nothing to anyone in our gov't. Or the PF companies for that matter.

Off subject but I have to gloat: I did a good deed yesterday.....talking to someone when walking my dog & he was telling me about some of the ailments his dog has had lately (the tip-off was crystals in his urine). I asked what he was feeding & I won't name it but it's one that WE all KNOW is plain old trash calling itself dry dog that has been tested, found to be tainted & the PF company refuses to recall it. I said OMG!

I started to tell him what I know & he had NOT A CLUE....he said he only heard that wet foods were contaminated & recalled. He believed he was feeding his dog a "premium" food. Yeah, right!

The big & powerful PF companies did their job by squelching any publicity about dry foods so there really are many people who don't have any idea. I gave him the names of some of the ones we have come to trust & I bet he was out in the small pet stores yesterday looking for food for his dog. I think I scared him but I wanted him to understand what he's doing to his beloved friend. I'm just sick to hear stories like his. How many other people are killing their animals & don't know?

I can't say what I want to say about these PF companies because it's all "expletives deleted" but suffice it to say that I hope these insensitive baboons enjoy their blood money & can sleep at night. Someday you'll get yours, trust me when I say that.


I just found this on the Canadian government Food Inspection Agency web site

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Announces That It Has Found

Melamine and Cyanuric Acid Contamination in Animal Feed

Several animal feed products have recently been detained after testing positive for melamine and/or cyanuric acid contamination.

In mid-May, one shipment of corn gluten imported from China tested positive for melamine and cyanuric acid contamination. The contaminated corn gluten was stopped at the Canadian border and did not enter Canada’s food or feed system.

On May 30, the CFIA determined that imported livestock feed additives produced in the United States were contaminated with melamine and cyanuric acid. The products have been recalled by the manufacturer and the Canadian distributor.

On June 5, an amino acid product imported from China and destined for use in animal feed tested positive for cyanuric acid. The CFIA has detained the product and an investigation is underway. The importer is voluntarily recalling all of the affected product.


And there are 180,000,000 other tiny unregulated businesses that should be shut down as well. Let China keep its goods, and the U.S. can keep its goods. There! Several problems solved with just that!

Then, as Explodinghead said, we can deal with our own agri-business issues that are completely out of control - the use of pesticides, GM crops, growth hormones and antibiotics in cattle, fungicides and industrial wastes in animal feed, few inspections, etc.!)

Turn back all cargo ships with Chinese goods: food, drugs, toys, and household items. I refuse to buy Chinese goods, and I am spending as little money as possible on any new items because so many U.S. companies rely on China for materials, parts, labor, or even all three.

The more we consume or buy new just to keep up with the Jones family, the more demand we make for production -- most likely, in some form, this production leads back to China.

Question your lifestyles. Do you really need that new item? Could you go on Freecycle dot org or Craigslist or to a yard or rummage sale and find something comparable? Could you borrow the item or share with a neighbor?

Stop spending your money on new items unless you know ALL parts and phases of production are U.S.A. grown, made, & manufactured. Call the companies.

We, the consumers, are the ones creating this demand for cheap Chinese goods. What are our basic needs? Wholesome, nutritious, unadulterated food, clean water, and shelter (heating and cooling). You do not have to live a life of meager existence. Just question all other purchases beyond your basic needs.

Spend your money on U.S. grown and manufactured foods, and for the rest, be hypercritical about what you REALLY "need" vs. what you just "want."

Drop out of the rat race, everyone, because you're going to need your money for health care costs from all of this toxic "food" we've been producing here and eating from China since trading began.


If you get widgets from a known developer of a system like Wordpress, it should be safe. Once you have a widget, always check occassionally to see if there are updates for security fixes.


U.S. Food Corporations might have to borrow debt money to keep their shareholders from revolting with all their suppliers shuttered.

And has China really closed 180 food plants or are they going on the premise "Americans Will Believe Anything they see on TV or read in the Media" based on the advise of some American PR Guys wanting to get rich as fast as possible so they can retire in the French Riviera?


(made mistake with because in 2nd paragraph)


Please tell me what a widget is, Gina.

Itchmo has one on their website, also, and it is driving me to distraction in this Colorado heat of 101 degrees to figure out what a widget in a website does and is. Is it safe, also?


I don't know if anyone watched CBS national news yesterday,they were talking about the counterfiet Nike's and went on to say - that should be solved before something terrible happens. I couldn't believe my ears! Where has CBS been..... pet food poisoning, lead in toys and baby bibs, antifreeze in toothpaste, monkfish that were pufferfish, etc. Bacteria, mold, filth - CBS must have been to busy worrying about Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears to cover the real issues. Only goes to show what our media is really interested in.



nice to know that somebody's finally doing something somewhere. it would be even nicer if fda followed their example and confronted the agribusinesses in this country.


The FDA uses the same kind of technology the airlines use. It's called tombstone technology. They know there's a problem but they wait until it kills hundreds of people (or thousands of pets)....paying off the families is cheaper than fixing the problem.

Is this a wonderful world or what?

If this is done in the streets, it's called serial killings but big business gets away with it day in & day out.


Maybe Pres. Bush will get after the FDA and get us safer food. It would be easier than tangling with Iran because we just do not have enough soldiers to fight another war, Mr.Pres. and Mr. Cheney.

If our food gets any more contaminated, because we won't have too many healthy soldiers to fight in general or with the generals--lets get America healthy before we think about warring.


Frankly I'm all for having more inspectors. I believe they are overwhelmed with the amount of imports coming into this country, and the amount of imports from questionable sources doesn't seem to be decreasing. However, companies should bear SOME responsibility in ensuring the quality of their ingredients - buy from known sources not just the cheapest junk to increase profits.


I used to shop at a smaller Asian Market quite often - and I loved all the imported goodies. I usually stayed away from canned meat etc., worry over its safety, and I didn't eat much candy but I did like the sesame and honey treats - they tasted just fine but now I wonder.

I did buy dried mushrooms for soup making - they seemed okay, but I haven't shopped there in months and won't return. It's a very busy market.

Gina Spadafori

A widget is a little program you can add to a Web site or Web log that does something "extra." In the case of our Widget, it shows the pictures from We also have another widget on this site, the one that gives you a preview of a Web site before you click over.

Safe? Depends on who wrote them and where they came from. Consider the source. Ours is safe, and so is Itchmo's, because we made them ourselves. That is to say ... if you trust US! :)


An alert from the American Corn Growers:

"Title 1, Section 123 of the 2007 Farm Bill prohibits states and localities from enacting laws relating to livestock, poultry or genetically engineered crops after they have been inspected and/or approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)."

USDA wants to feed us GMO crops whether we like it or not!


Death Sentence Given to Zheng Xiaoyu

CHINA'S former top food and drug regulator has been given the death penalty in an unusually harsh sentence against a backdrop of widening international and domestic concern over the safety of "Made in China" food, pharmaceutical and other products.

Zheng Xiaoyu, head of the State Food and Drug Administration from 1998 until his sacking in 2005, was convicted yesterday in a Beijing court of taking 6.49 million yuan ($1.04 million) in bribes and for dereliction of duty.

Zheng, 62, was arrested last year for accepting kickbacks to fast-track drug approvals. In one case under Zheng's watch, a tainted antibiotic approved by his agency killed at least 10 patients last year.

Ahead of his sentencing, the body in charge of ensuring the safety of China's exports announced it would introduce the country's first food-recall system after an outcry over tainted pet food and toothpaste.

Pet food ingredients spiked with the chemical melamine, have been blamed for the deaths of dogs and cats in the US, which has also stopped all Chinese toothpaste imports after reports that some products sold in Australia, the Dominican Republic and Panama were tainted with diethylene glycol, a chemical used in antifreeze and brake fluid. Three southern US states have also banned imports of catfish from China.

Zheng's sentence, which may be reduced on appeal, is the toughest since 2000, when another official of comparable rank was executed for taking bribes.

The state-controlled English-language China Daily reported that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine - which is responsible for the safety of Chinese exports - as saying the recall system was a response to the recent safety scandals. The administration's director-general, Wu Jianping, said it would focus on "potentially dangerous and unapproved food products". Draft regulations would be ready by the end of the year and would be in line with international practices, Mr Wu said.

Another senior Chinese official said some foreign businesses also had to share the blame because they had imported illegally made products from China.

Li Yuanping, the administration's head of food imports and exports, said about 56 per cent of the substandard food products imported by the US from China last month were "illegal products" that had not been approved by China's entry-exit inspection and quarantine officials.

"It is these illegal products that have tarnished the reputation of all Chinese food products," he said. In a separate report, the administration revealed that 20 per cent of locally made and sold toys were substandard and injured 10,000 Chinese children every year. China is the world's biggest toy exporter but industry spokespeople said most export products were of higher standard than locally sold ones.

The food and drug administration announced yesterday, before its former boss's death sentence, that it would blacklist food producers who break safety rules as it launched a national inspection campaign.

In China's worst food scandal, 13 babies in Anhui province in the east died in 2004 from malnutrition after being fed fake baby formula. China has been trying to strengthen its food safety since 2002 when it introduced standards for food products and began requiring produces to apply for market access permits.

An administration survey found that almost one-third of China's 450,000 food production companies, mostly smaller companies employing less than 10 people, were unlicensed.


Whoa, whoa... Bill's post above. Go back there and read what he posted again.

On June 5th an AMINO Acid imported from China tested positive for cyanuric acid?

I had not heard of an amino acid being tainted! That is so not good!

Question: what amino acid? There are so many for human and animal.

Bill, if you have anymore info please post it


The Bush-Kennedy immigration bill has now been euthanized. It's time to remind Congress about food safety-after they come back from Fourth of July vacation.


Good idea, Maudigan!

Those for the immigration bill were whining that MOST people were FOR it, and the MINORITY against it jammed the phone lines and made threats to congressmen. (Yah, RIGHT!)

The third time they tried to pass it, I just called and said "What part of "NO" don't you understand?" It is soooo very frustrating that they continued bringing it to the floor, hoping they would sneak it by, or that folks would wear down and quit jamming the phone lines.

Us pet bloggers are certainly a tireless and committed bunch, we won't wear down and we are making some headway, in spite of the opposition. More websites are putting the food safety issues out, and if we make the calls and jam the phone lines, we can get COOL passed and some other food safety issues.

Let's DO IT!


Jam their phones lines again, with food safety issues.


China wants to reject shipments from the U.S.? That's just fine! I say let's stop trading with them altogether, imports and exports. I do not want to buy anymore crap made in China, foodstuffs or otherwise. Unfortunately, right now, one would be hard-pressed in finding goods that were not made in China, but I, for one, am willing to pay a few more bucks for something made in the good old U.S.A., made from U.S. materials!

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