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27 June 2007


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I'm hoping things will change when Bush is gone -


Our companys went to china with jobs for one reason only greed! They found a cheaper work force, they could pollute with out anyone saying anything. No one would be looking over their shoulder to make sure products were safe. ADM tried to get corn ethanol pushed in the Johnson administration. Now we are being told how great corn ethanol is , no studies have proven that fact. Who convinced companys that corn syrup or high frutcose corn syrup was a better option than sugar? Who profitted from the change over to corn syrup ? the agri businesses and food manufactures. Look at what this has done to the health of americans. Where have our elected officials been during not the fleecing of america but the graining and milking of america? They have stood around with their hands in their pockets waiting for campaign donations from the agri corporations and major corporations. We the people of the united states have been lied to by our government corporations and agri businesses and it is time to tejj them no more . Lets vote them out and buy made in america with american goods only!!!

Trudy Jackson

Don't forget The doller Tree- Fake eyeballs for kids- Filled with kerosene. The Doller General, most stuff from China. And the General Doller, not the same store- Most things come from China. Peir 6? All Imports.

Trudy Jackson

Add to the list- Bibs made with lead.


Defective Chinese Tires/ Suspicions in 2005

The NY Times (cited below) also has an article about the defective Chinese tires - people have already been killed. Suspicion of problems with these tires was suspected in 2005. What is it now, TWO YEARS LATER?

"Jeffrey B. Killino, a personal-injury lawyer from Philadelphia, said the company came forward only after it was named as a defendant in a lawsuit, filed in May, involving an accident in which two construction workers were killed and a third was severely injured when a van rolled over. The lawsuit contended that the accident was caused by tread separation in a Hangzhou Zhongce tire.

Earlier, an ambulance in New Mexico rolled over after a Hangzhou Zhongce tire came apart, though there were no significant injuries, according to documents supplied by Foreign Tire Sales to the federal safety agency."


Enough is enough! Has anyone made a list of the dangerous foods and products China has shipped to us just in the last 12 months? Just off the top of my head, I came up with these from just the last few months...

poisoned pet food

lead paint in Thomas the Tank toys

lead in children's necklaces

anti-freeze in toothpaste

??? in mouthwash

lead in mini-blinds

??? in blankets

puffer fish instead of monkfish

defective tires

Think of all the dangerous toxic foods and products that get the nod from our ports, since we only inspect 1 to 2% of the cargo containers coming into our ports!


I'm sick of this! Look at the lead-filled mini-blinds that that were produced in China and sold in the U.S. for at least 5 years before the dangerous lead content was "discovered"? Businesses are so greedy to lower their bottom line for production to reap maximum profits that they need to be sued before they even begin to step forward! And then, no one wants to take responsibility or the parts can't be traced to a responsible party. If someone can't handle the costs of a recall or can't send someone to China to oversee production, then that person should not be able to do business! I'm so tired of this lack of accountability.

People have singled out Walmart for being one of the biggest importers of Chinese goods. Something that I haven't seen mentioned here is E bay. Look at the number of E bayers that have also strongly supported Chinese manufacturers, looking for the cheapest wholesale cost, without checking out the plants and are selling cheap inferior goods in their quest to be an entrepreneur. Just trace a lot of the products back. Add up all of the U.S. E bayers that are sourcing their products from China, and you'll see another way the U.S. is perpetuating the production of cheap Chinese goods.

Keep demanding action from your representatives and businesses! Don't give up. This is a long, daily battle that requires drastic lifestyle changes.


I agree with everyone, but you forget - Our government believes that through free trade, communism and hard line Islam will go by the wayside and we will have democracy all over the world. Our corporations went overseas because they see emerging markets there. Cheaper to produce there and sell there. Yes, some is exported back. But they are looking at the increases in population there and new markets for their goods.

Re: lumber and furniture. There was an article posted by someone not to long ago re: formaldehyde levels in kitchen cabinets from China not acceptable to other countries,

imported and sold here because we have no limits. One seller said, even very high end cabinets were affected. We are the dumping ground too. And the lumber was cut here and shipped to China to produce the cabinets. Global trade and production.

As far as China impounding our products - I say: keep your stuff and we'll keep ours. I'd rather eat American local grown any day.



I don't know...seems to me that China should maybe worry more about what their own citizens are eating, that was grown/manufactured there?

But then maybe that would be too overwhelming of a task, given the ratio of good vs. contaminated there???

I sure do feel sorry for the average citizen there...they truly do play "russian roulette" every time they eat.

Aunt Granny

Thanks Elizabeth R.

It did make sense about the products though.

I was trying to figure out how we had excess orange pulp to export. Here on the east coast we had a bad freeze Easter weekend that destroyed a lot of the apple & peach crops in Georgia and some of the citrus crop in Florida. I should think if Texas or California had excess citrus, they'd ship it to the east coast if needed, not to China... I love dried apricots, and the last ones I bought came from Turkey!


That food the Chinese impounded was grown in China and shipped to the US. It was sent back to China after being rejected here by the single US Government inspector still checking apricots (he's retiring next week). The Chinese won't have to worry after that, no more rejects here (budget cuts).


China rejected a shipment of pastachio nuts also, I thought.

Aunt Granny

I too would like to see where it was actually Chinese products that had been returned to them. I did see one article that said they were processing the orange pulp, but had destroyed the apricots. When I searched for the two supposedly US companies, I got nothing on the first one and the second company was listed as packaging and distribution.

"China rejects tainted U.S. food"

The Press of Atlantic City

"The pulp, from the Modern Skill Co. Ltd., and the fruit from Vacaville, California-based Mariani Packing Company Inc., contained "excessive bacteria, mold and sulfur dioxide," the notice said without elaborating.

It also did not give any details on when the seizures took place, how big the shipments were or in which city each shipment was seized.

The safety administration notice said the pulp was still being processed but that the apricots had been destroyed. Sulfur dioxide is sometimes used as a preservative in dried fruit."

Aunt Granny


Link to The Press Of Atlantic City article is here:

elizabeth R.

I believe MFEMFEM is joking if you read the post carefully.


Seriously? Where did you find that? (Too, too funny - in a roundabout sort of way!)


Well, a lot of people wuz saying,lots of years ago,"eat your veggies--think of all the people starvin' in China".

Well, now China can turn the table and say, "we sell you veggies 'cause a lot of people are starving in America. See?

What do you think, folks? Don't you think Chinese merchants are thinking of poor, starvin', penniless people now?


that should be producing/EXPORTING!


I just bought some new glasses, didn't even think to look, and the from is made in China.

It is hard to remember to check EVERYTHING! I posted an article yesterday about the Coalition for a Prosperous America recently held in Ames, Iowa. The writer made a point that the huge fins for a wind power tower had been made in India.

In this country we have people without JOBS because all of our manufacturing has been shipped overseas.

And we have environmental concerns here which burden factories, so we ship the POLLUTION overseas! (along with the jobs)

We have those objecting to mining or drilling for oil in this country, even though we have regulations to do so in an environmentally sound way, so we ship the mining and drilling overseas, where they don't care about pollution or safety. (there go some more jobs)

Thennnn--we have uninformed activists objecting to cutting trees in our forests, but we still build many houses and have a need for lumber---so we IMPORT lumber from third-world countries, and they cut down their rain forests to supply it, and our country has catastrophic wild fires every year---burning up our forests due to no proper harvest and management. Then we have the pollution from the wildfires, not to mention the loss of jobs for the forest products industry in our country.

I live in a community dependent on agriculture and the timber industry, and can see from my living room enough dead and dying and burned timber to build many houses, and the lumber mill in our town was importing logs from New Zealand to keep family jobs here.

All of this MAKES NO SENSE! We have the ability and the resources here in our own country to supply all of our needs in a responsible environmentally sound manner, and here we are, dependent on countries that hate us for our food, fuel, housing, etc!


We are beoming a service oriented country - everything we consume will be made elsewhere until the Unions get involved - cheap is very very attractive and the cost, not only in human exploitation but in lower standards of safety and quality, is very very high, as we all know.

Most of it is made by child labor and/or slave labor working hours and hours for pennies reminds me of Europe and even America before unions.

Think about that shirt or blouse you buy from India or from China and think of the young girls and boys working many many hours just for a little bit of food and then tell me how great it is for us to save a few bucks - and even worse tell me how great it is for the stockholders to get that high dividend and the CEO's to fly around in private jets and throw lavish parties.

It makes me ill thinking about it. Ghandi - where are you when we need you the most?


Who knew that the Chinese government was populated by Junior High School students?


lol Pat!~

Much better than my "Oh give me a F'ing break!"

While i do think we need to look into our own issues with what we are producing/importing, I have to wonder if the Chinese are checking other imports as closely from country's who have their imports on high alert.


The Chinese still block the import of U.S. beef allegedly due to the 2003 U.S. single reported case of mad cow disease (BSE). Not that they got any of that beef, nor was anyone there sick from that cow. And in the U.S. we have thousands of dear pets dead from their taint, and millions of people exposed to the taint in our food chain and unfortunately we've not taken adequate timely steps to prevent the taints from happening over and over again. And now due to sites like WorldNetDaily and Itchmo, we know there are taints in many more products. Sadly, I call it the corporate greed factor.


I know how to stop this nonsense. We accept no food from China or anything edible and they accept no food or anything edible from the U.S. Works for me!


Thomas, I think you hit the nail square on the head!

During my congressman's visit to our area this spring, his big spiel was about ethanol from corn, and how that was going to save us.

Since then I have read articles that say the big oil companies have decided not to build more refineries because of ethanol production, (shortage of refineries is part of the high fuel cost), and now they are saying MILK prices have gone up because corn is being used for ethanol, so cattle feed prices are up!

Now, wait just one minute, congressman! The folks that have elected you in this district are mainly cattle ranchers and some orchards, very few corn farms. Could it be that Mr. Congressman has received big donations from agribusiness?

elizabeth R.

Those tires from China that shred are a huge concern--not just for the people who bought them and installed the faulty tires on their vehicles, but also for everyone else in the same vicinity on the highway when the tires "blow". Can't imagine these are the only Chinese import tires with this problem, either.

This bigger import scandal story is becoming mainstream and hits the network news with regularity now. Most broadcasts include mention of the pet food poison recall, too. This means the pet deaths will continue to get media play everytime a new contamination or recall of Chinese goods is unearthed. So sorry, PFI, that your story isn't going to go away any time soon like you had planned. Our dead pets contnue to matter.

Friends who initially thought I was going overboard are now emailing ME stories that they find about Chinese trade problems. So I think the message is starting to get through!


This is website covers the global outsourcing problems very well. Hershey's kisses contaminated with salmonella? Yuk!



You don't need to be a Rhodes Scholar to see that.

We can play that game to. With our wallets.


Add carcinogens in makeup, lead in vitamin supplements.

China Law Blog

Way too much Chinese food is bad, no doubt about it, but there is also no doubt that the US is going after certain Chinese foods (i.e., catfish) for political reasons. Conversely, it is relatively easy for Chinese inspectors to find fault with certain US food (such as meat) and block that either because it is bad or, more likely, for political reasons as well.

Can you say possible trade war?


I stand by an earlier comment - how about we just stop buying food from China and concentrate on fixing our own problems while giving China time to fix theirs.

When it comes to throwing stones, this country certainly lives in a glass house (as was so vividly evidenced by yesterday's Congressional food safety hearing) but at least we can fix what is ours (if we decide to - please let's hope the politicians were listening yesterday!).

But when it comes to "forcing" a country like China to put their own house in order, we're pretty much SOL. So let's just stop trying, AND stop buying!

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