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05 June 2007


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Sorry, all the pet foods sold in Petco and Petsmart look like poison to me. Cannot buy any of them.

Just before my cat's thyroid had to be radiated for the third time (once is usual amount), I took him off cat food and just gave him human fish, meat, and chicken. Had him tested before and after food change, just before I took him for treatment. Thyroid level went down pretty significantly by the lab. Keep blogging bloggers, I learn so much!

E. Hamilton

Since I have a really nice little stash of toxic waste pet food , all of which comes with proof of when and where it was bought, I am going to USE that pile O death to provide proof that will stand up in any court to drive these poisoners into prison or out of business.

I have bags, cans, pouches and receipts and I urge anyone who has food that can prove the poison to look into getting those toxic products into hands that can use them.

Do *not* trust the FDA.



I hope you can write a diary soon for reflecting pet owners' anger and frustration at the FDA as it will reach a political audience desperate for change in the way government does business. This food safety crisis, from pets to feed animals to human food, is a domestic issue that needs to be dominant in the current political discourse, especially as the 2008 campaign is in full swing. It's also an opportunity for candidates, and both parties'leadership, to get on the right side of a populist issue. The FDA's lack of tools to protect our food supply, therefore threatening our families' and pets' health, should be exposed to the public as the crisis it truly is.

I love to read the hundreds of letters you always get in response to your diaries on Unlike this site, people are astounded at what has been going on since the recalls began. They are receptive and want to know more. And we know that 63% of households have pets, so it will be good to enlist the politically active bloggers to join in this advocacy.


Here's some new info, at least to me. Sorry if it's been posted earlier. TV station in PA reports that the COMPANY WHOSE PRODUCT TESTED POSITIVE FOR ACETAMINOPHEN IS NOT ONE OF THE 150 OTHERS INVOLVED IN THE PET FOOD RECALL.

A Texas laboratory has confirmed that traces of a human painkiller have been found in some pet food.

The generic version of Tylenol, acetaminophen, for humans can relieve a headache and lower a fever, but for pets, even a small dose can be fatal.Even the healthiest of pets might be no match for what's in the tiny white pills."My first reaction is, 'My gosh, who did this? Who put this in?'" said Dr. Mike Hutchinson of Animal General in Cranberry. "Was this a disgruntled employee or was this something that got by the test?

Traces of acetaminophen were detected in dog food that was tested by a Texas lab called Exper-Tox.

The lab would not name the type of food contaminated or the company that distributes it but said the company is not among the 150 others involved in the pet food recalls over the past three months.


The following is a transcript of a report by reporter Aaron Saykin that first aired June 5, 2007, on WTAE Channel 4 Action News at 5 p.m. Pittsburgh, PA.

So who is it? Hills????

Ann H

Now if only a co-ordinated effort to set up a pet food testing fund for those who cannot afford it - for foods of concern that haven't been recalled or advertised as "safe" or a systematic testing program?

I think those efforts will wake every PFI member up big time - that would be an "off the chart" they never expected.

Don's collecting reports, Kim has groupings of postings, Itchmo has the "how to" chain of evidence, the reported death/sickness and lots of info & reporting here, icing with a fund = coup de gras for the pet food industry & the FDA


The thing that drives me crazy is I bet nearly every batch and brand of pet food has been tested by now, yet we are still in the dark, forced to pay for our own testing. . .not knowing if what we are feeding is safe . . Unforgivable.


The fact that every time we are notified of a "new" contaminant...and they stop short of telling us what brands are absolutely unbelievable!

Who is the FDA working for? Big business? Silly me, I thought it was for us.

I was talking about this with my boss after work (who is another kitty "parent"), and she said that what needs to happen is that pet owners everywhere write or contact their legislators, and complain that we are being kept in the dark about the contaminated food brands.

We must DEMAND our rights to know, and to be kept informed.

She said that this is the only way that this will change.


That's what I've been thinking about too, Ann H. PayPal could be a great way. $$ go into a specific fund & then pay the laboratories directly.


The way I think would be a good way to handle it is -- collect enough money in a PayPal account from all willing & able to donate; then, when someone has food that needs to be tested they can send it to one of the labs that we've talked to about how payment could be made -- which is directly from the fund. The person with the contaminated food then ships the food to the lab & we send pay the lab with a credit card associated with the PayPal account.

I've been thinking a lot about that, because I know there are people out there that cannot afford to do the testing & there are people out there that have money who may be willing to help.

There would have to be stipulations on which foods are tested & certain criteria for funding.


.... ooops! we then pay the lab....


Escuse what all these things is about? The last news is about the tylenol or another painkiller that is for sure is gona kill our friends. Is it a politic situations against a country, if is it please do something , because these is sad, that the companies don't do an emergency recall or simple to test everything that contains something that goes with food.


Freakin' sad that we (as Americans) need to personally test food for safety.

It just blows my mind. Something is seriously wrong here.


Yep, straybaby, you've got that right! :(


Looks like a video is available of the hearing that Congressman Waxman is holding about the FDA and the drug, Avandia, and is about to start:

FDA Commissioner Van Eschenbach is going to testify.


I haven't been into a Petco since March. Been into Pet Express once to buy the cat a 20 lb sack of Felidae.

I will never go into Petco again. I took my dog to a new vet to have a bump checked yesterday (history of mast cell tumors, so I keep up on bumps), and had the vet run her bloodwork again. New vet, who asked what I fed and when told homecooked, asked where I got the "recipe", maybe online? I said dog nutrition is more serious than just picking up the first recipe I see on the INTERNET - I put some time into figuring out what might work best, and it is still a work in progress. At least I am not feeding twinkies or rat poison or tylenol or pool cleaner or boosting my protein ratio with frigging melamine, so that is positive, right? She didn't say anything else one way or another - though the vet tech asked exactly what I fed her, and I responded with the ratio of protein to carbs to veggies/fruits with a vit/min supplement. With various selections in each category, and a whole list of "forbidden dog food items." She was noting this in the chart (probably by the words "smart azz":). I hope I made the point that it was more balanced than just tossing leftovers; however, leftovers are vastly preferable to any commercial food out there. Heck if my only choice was between table scraps and commercial kibble? I'd do scraps first. I trust no one on this anymore.

Vet called later with blood results & said my girl had very good values all around, and that she would have guessed her to be far younger than her 12 years. So 3 months of my homecooking (what do they call it - too hard for me to master? I cannot be trusted to do it right?) has not yet had any ill effects.

I am so ticked off - we are now how many months away from the first "official" notice of recalls, and the state of the industry has changed not one bit. And if you want or need to do commercial products, you cannot trust what is in that bag without testing it for yourself first. And most people can't or wont', so it is russian roulette. Makes me sick, then enraged. It is a relief that you can now get products tested, but what that says about what is on the shelves is not comforting at all.


I wanted to add one other topic but tied to this I would think.

I had bloodwork done recently due to thyroid problems that I've had for many years & normally they check thyroid & cholesterol. This year the doc told me they checked my liver & kidney function & all is well. This is a new doc so it may be that she has always done this. However, no other doc has ever checked that before this year. Sort of makes you wonder if the docs have been told to start checking people for this just in case we are all being slowly poisoned.

Ann H

Kat - Re Paypal Fund for Testing

How about a registering process where you give the brand, upc/lot codes info, opened/not opened - Then if there are matching or several, then redunancy is addressed?


I sent a link to that article about the lab in TX & their findings to Sen. Durbin's office. Over at Itchmo, I see someone else did the same thing. I just feel he should be aware that there is more tainted food on the shelves, the companies are doing nothing (gee what a surprise) & the FDA continues to do nothing but protect big business.

I would guess that the majority of foods that they tested are the huge pet food companies. Animals are still getting sick on their food & when pet parents report it to the company, they get blown off & told the food is safe. Gag me with a spoon.

Maybe I don't have the heart & mindset of a company executive but how these people can leave pet food on the shelves to kill or sicken more pets is beyond my comprehension. I don't see how they can live with themselves. I'd like to know what they are feeding that beloved pet of their children or grandchildren. Surely not their own product that they know is full of poison. Unbelievable.


here's how a local TX tv station covered the acetaminophen story:

this is a pretty strong indictment of the actions, or more accurately, non-actions of fda. they will be receiving the rough edge of my tongue at some point today.... again.

"It may be up to owners to police pet food because, according to the lab manager, no one from the FDA has investigated their positive findings. In fact, to date not a single government inspector has asked to look at one of the tainted pet food samples tested in this laboratory.

Late this afternoon, an FDA spokesperson says the agency is trying to get those samples. For now Dr. Lykissa considers the quality of pet food questionable.

He said, "The FDA has to become a lot more vigilant, because if we're finding those things who knows what we're not finding." "


I had e-mailed the FDA but after two weeks waiting for reply, they e-mailed me and said they had too many e-mails to answer and they would get answer my e-mail when they can.

Never heard from Colgate when I complained about their toothpaste and that I had to throw away two tubes.

Since I have given my cat more human food with some California Natural Dry, they have less problems, better coats, less urinating, and less leaving all the food I had to throw away because they said, "I'll just have a few tastes of that poison to please you and I am hungry, but really this concoction of stuff makes me feel terrible inside.



Here is the info I received for testing from Expertox in Texas, a very reputable company that found the acetominophen.

It appears that one test of suspect pet food would cost $500 if I am reading this correctly, (I don't know what a STAT fee is) plus $75 for each additional toxic chemical found.

"Test Type: Unknown Chemical & Toxin

Cost of test: $200.00 per sample.

Turn around time: 4-5 days

STAT fee: $300.00

Turn around time for STAT: 2-3 days

We need 1 tablespoon at a minimum for testing. Would be better to have 1 cup or more incase more testing is needed.

If we detect anything in the sample it will be $75.00 additional for Quantitation per chemical detected in the sample."


Donna Coneley



What I would like to know is why is our FDA forcing pet owners to do their job?!!!


My cat is dying three months after this mess started. If I lose her I will never forgive myself. I obviously fed her poison.

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