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28 June 2007


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Oh god. I can't even stand to read anything direct about this bill, I can only read it indirectly through your blog or Pet Connection and it just gets stupider and stupider.

And I know it's a small point, but the bill probably doesn't give any guidance regarding co-ownerships. I'm not a breeder, but I own a currently intact (and more likely to become extinct before he becomes non-intact, if he eats one more couch) puppy who is supposed to be shown and who needs to get this license to keep him intact? Me? The co-owner breeder? Both of us?

I'm a lawyer, I could figure it out if I read the bill, but I can't do that because it makes me run screaming down the halls of the law firm. And they don't like that, except on Jeans and Screaming in the Halls Fridays.

Great Dane Addict

It also doesn't allow for pet owners to make decisions about their pet's health. I for one would never dare to neuter or spay my Great Danes at or before 4 months. There is now enough information out there to prove that there is an increased risk for bone cancer when neutering a giant breed too early. Not too mention other growth problems associated with lack of hormones.

Right now I feel lucky to not live in California, but that is a false sense of security, because should this actually pass, other states I'm sure will not be far behind.



I want Jeans and Screaming Down the Halls day at my office.

Oh. Wait. We have it already.


This is the first time ever in my whole life as a usually easygoing, and firmly entrenched in lefty-liberal camp, California voter, that I am siding with the Republican party. Yikes!
I'm hoping this idiot law gets no farther.
I'm one of the people the law will target, I health test, performance test, conformation test my hounds, have planned litters occasionally with my dogs, who see vets regularly, are doted on like kids, and all sleep in the same bedroom with me at night, and hang out with me all day. I know where every single puppy I ever brought into this world is, and all their owners know they can come back to me if anything every happens. All my pups who went out on spay and neuter contracts are spayed and neutered . I do rescue for my breed, and help out other breeds rescues. I've put in years of shelter work.
Clearly I should be subject to prosecution.

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