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19 May 2007


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"A craving I would much rather fulfill by traveling to the place with snow or sun than living in it."

That's one of the lovely things about San Francisco, if you get tired of the ever-changeable weather, you can just pick up and go to the desert or the mountains or the wine country.

What am I doing stuck in the deep South? I'll never make a Bedouin either. (g)

Sometimes, when there's fog here, though, it's beautiful. You see things with different eyes in the fog. Sound is muffled, it's so quiet you can hear the trees dripping, the sun is huge and hazy and almost powerless against the mist in which things rise up then vanish as you walk in a world where you and your dog might be the only ones left. There's a kind of magic in fog.


I hate hot weather. So, why have I been in Virginia since 1976? Good question.

Barb Bristol

Amen!! I DESPISE hot weather. Hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it!!

Where do I live? In north Texas O bitter irony... I just hibernate for 5 or 6 months of the year.

Alison Brendel

I'm such a sun worshiper and love living in the Eastern part of Washington state. I couldn't imagine living in the rain and fog, I'm sure I'd mildew over :-). I'll take the dry heat and cold that comes with the territory here and I'll love it when it hits 90's. My dogs love the A/C and the shade though :-). I do suffer from the grey winters a bit, I need more sun!


Hear here! I went to college out in arizona...and I HATE heat. Hated it before, hate it after. I spent years hiding in ac'ed rooms. Luckily their winters are very cold and dry which is nice, but I want cold year round. I am moving to SF soon and you just helped me figure out where to look for houses. I actually stumbled on here researching (obsessing over) deerhounds. Seems like you have dug out quite a similar lifestyle to what I imagine for myself. Fog and noble dogs... I'm excited.

Holly Wild

San Francisco is a beautiful city and when people visit they see it in a tourists eyes. I grew up in San Francisco and the memories of North Beach, The Savoy and The Holy Cow. The people are really a certain culture with heart. I moved to Battle ground Washington...Dont ask...and I have really come to understand how luck I was with my upbring. Ways of thing and heart is so different. The smell of an ocean and teh savvy city street can not compare to any otehr city. And lets not forget the history of haight street! Mama and the papas..teh 60's...etc.

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